Solectria Renewables supplies inverters for the largest HCPV solar power plant

"The Alamosa project demonstrates the immense capabilities of smart grid inverters which will be put to use throughout the United States in the coming...

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 18/05/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4963 readings

3M and Gossamer Space Frames achieved a new benchmark in Solar Collectors

Cutting edge design and performance reduces costs by over 25 percent for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP).

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 03/05/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5407 readings

Siemens wins second solar receivers order for parabolic trough power plant in India

Purchaser is Megha Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd. Siemens will supply approximately 17,000 solar receivers, which will generate all of the heat for the...

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 17/04/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5422 readings

Siemens wins first solar receivers order for Indian solar power plant

The news coincides with CSP Today India 2012: 3rd Concentrated Solar Thermal Conference that takes today and tomorrow place in New Delhi and receives live coverage...

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 22/03/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5417 readings

CSPA, Concentrating Solar Power Alliance founded in USA

The Alliance is led by Tex Wilkins, former Department of Energy Concentrating Solar Power Team Leader.

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 08/03/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5154 readings

United Solar announces the commercial launch of the Solar Kindle Lighted Cover

World’s first solar-powered cover for the Amazon Kindle™ e-reader by SolarFocus Technology Co.,Ltd proves innovation is the key in cleantech.

Renewable energy concentrated-solar | 25/01/2012 | By Moulin 5417 readings

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