3,700MW Biomass combustion & biomass co-generation technologies established in India

120-150 million tons of surplus agro industrial & agriculture residues per year could be surplus for power generation

Renewable energy biomass | 25/02/2014 | By Moulin 4425 readings

Contract to purchase sustainable gas produced from fish and food waste

Interface, a leading carpet tile manufacturer and environmental pioneer, will switch to using 100% sustainable gas.

Renewable energy biomass | 09/12/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 4089 readings

AREVA to construct a biomass power plant in the Philippines

Power will be produced using rice husk.

Renewable energy biomass | 23/10/2013 | By Moulin 4398 readings

Variety of biomass in integrated 2ndGeneration (2G) Cellulosic ethanol plant

The demo plant will also enable development of the entire value chain including biomass impact on the capex and opex.

Renewable energy biomass | 09/08/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 20338 readings

Praj technology and design as part of UK's largest bioethanol plant

The Vivergo plant, a JV between AB Sugar, BP, and DuPont, will produce 420 million litres of bioethanol a year at full capacity, equivalent to a third of the...

Renewable energy biomass | 09/07/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 4671 readings

Biomass Analysis, easy and fast, thanks to new NREL development

HTAP can potentially reduce the amount of energy needed for ethanol production.

Renewable energy biomass | 27/02/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 14079 readings

Citec signs breakthrough EPC contract with Södra Cell

The new tall oil production plant in Norway will have a yearly capacity of 25.000 tons.

Renewable energy biomass | 02/07/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4820 readings

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