REC Solar Collaborates with Meyer Berger, Launches New Panels

REC Group has announced that it has launched a new solar panel at the Intersolar Europe. The new panel combines heterojunction cells (HJT) with advanced connection technology from the joint development partner Meyer Burger.

REC deems this will be the world’s most powerful solar panel for rooftop customers, promising from the company’s half-cut cell technology. The new product comes one year after the extremely sought-after REC N-Peak solar panel out of REC’s innovation labs, and only a few months after the production start of monocrystalline panels based on REC’s multiple-award-winning TwinPeak technology.

REC CEO Steve O’Neil believed, “Our new flagship product will deliver significantly better power density and will fundamentally change the competitive balance between REC and Tier 1 players, opening up a big power gap far beyond what is available today.

With the HJT cell technology, it becomes easier to combine the benefits of crystalline silicon solar cells with those of thin film technologies for much higher efficiency and electricity yield. Enabling the manufacture of panels even at lower temperatures.

REC’s collaboration partner for this new solar panel is Meyer Burger. And its evolutionary SmartWire (SWCT) cell connection technology, which capitalize on the energy yield of HJT solar modules.

Solar PV | News published on 11/02/2019 by Moulin

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