Proposals on Development of CST based projects

MNRE is to develop Concentrated Solar Technology (CST) based projects for implementation in ESCO mode by identifying the beneficiaries, manufacturer and financial institution and have agreement among them on recovery of investment based on savings made on conventional fuel in installments to be paid during a minimum period of 5 years.

Scope of Work:

1) To identify the beneficiary, manufacturer and financial institution and develop Detailed Project Report (DPR) for generating ready to sanction proposal for submission to MNRE and PMU, CSHP for availing subsidy and UNDP-GEF support. 80% accelerated depreciation benefit available to profit making organizations may also be considered while calculating the cost economics and preparing the DPR.

2) To work out the details of financial mechanism and arrange signing of MoU covering the following :

  • Performance guaranty, performance measuring & fuel saving techniques
  • Details of investment to be made by ESCO, beneficiary/ any other in beginning
  • Whether equity of various parties or availing loans. If loans, details to be provided with name of FIs providing loans
  • Monthly/ quarterly installment to be paid by beneficiary on savings (Minimum 5 years)
  • Time period of agreement with beneficiary
  • Beneficiary's commitment to bear minimum 20% of project cost in beginning
  • An Affidavit that system installed will not be dismantled without permission

3) Submission of ready to sanction proposal to PMU for consideration of providing subsidy and UNDP-GEF support to Project Executer as per below:

  • UNDP-GEF Support: It will be either the direct support from Project Management Unit, UNDP-GEF project or in the form of interest subsidy to provide soft loan from IREDA
  • Release : On commissioning of the system with sanction issued in the beginning. It could be adjusted with loan amount also if availed from IREDA.
  • MNRE Subsidy:30% of bench mark cost (Amount as applicable at the time of sanctioning project)
  • Direct support: 15% of MNRE benchmark cost to a maximum of Rs.75 lakhs as demonstration project for technologies other than 16 sq. m. Scheffler dishes. (For 16 sq. m. Scheffler dishes, it will be Rs. 5 lakhs for projects up 500 sq. m. and Rs. 10 lakhs above that)
  • 10% of MNRE benchmark cost to a maximum of Rs. 15 lakhs as project to be done in ESCo mode in addition
  • Release : 50% of the sanctioned/ approved UNDP-GEF support in advance based on BG of same amount received for a period of one year atleast. Balance in 2-3 yearly installments.
  • Soft Loans from IREDA: 80% of the project cost at an interest calculated after adjusting the available UNDP-GEF support as above on the basis of DPR approved by MNRE repayable to IREDA as per their existing scheme.

4) The DPR submitted to PMU alongwith ready to sanction proposal will contain the instruments & equipment to be installed at site for the purpose of web based on-line performance monitoring.

Maximum projects to be considered for UNDP-GEF support: 5 Nos. on first cum first cum basis.

Approval of Proposals Received:

Proposals received will be presented by applicants before technical committee of the UNDP- GEF project for approval of MNRE & UNDP support. Approved projects will be then be processed for sanctioning of MNRE subsidy/ UNDP support/ IREDA loan as applicable. The applicants of approved projects will also be eligible to get an amount of Rs. 50,000/- towards preparation of DPR and generation of proposal which will be released within 15 days of time.

Last date of submission of proposals (the date of UNDP support available): 30th October, 2014.

Applicants will, however, be required to confirm their interest positively by 3rd September, 2014.

Submission of Proposals:

5 copies of DPR prepared alongwith ready to sanction Proposal will be submitted to PMU at following Address. The applicant must have experience either in implementing/ preparing report on the CST based projects or executing some ESCo projects.


Project Management Unit (PMU)

UNDP-GEF Concentrated Solar Heat Project

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy

Block 3, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003

Telefax: +91 11 24363638; Mobile: +91 9891753310 

Concentrated Solar | News published on 21/08/2014 by Moulin

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