@properties, Headline Solar Partners to Promote Rooftop Solar in Illinois

With an aim to promote renewable energy among its agents and clients including residential and commercial, @properties, one of the leading real estate brokerage firm in Chicagoland, has joined hands with Headline Solar, one of the fastest growing solar providers in Illinois.  

The two entities will work together to develop resources, training and support services as homeowner interest in renewable energy solutions continues to go mainstream.

Commenting on the development, Kevin Van Eck, EVP of Innovation and Education for @properties, said that “innovation is @properties core value and that means being a leader for what comes next, particularly with regards to the health and wellness of the communities in which our clients live. Headline Solar provides us with a deeper understanding of the logistics of solar power installations, but also with a frontline perspective from homeowners who are going green.”

As per the Solar Energy Industry Association (SEIA) estimate, the use of solar energy in Illinois is expected to rise by 1700 per cent in next 5 years.

“I think we're really getting to a tipping point with how familiar homeowners are with solar energy,” said Jared McKenzie, CEO of Headline Solar.

McKenzie further added that “there’s a really high rate of satisfaction and thus referrals which creates a groundswell of interest within a neighborhood, so solar actually strengthens relationships within communities which is a priority for @properties.”

Meanwhile, there will be various factors which will help in driving growth of residential solar power including decreased costs for equipment; increased efficiency and electricity cost-saving; government regulations; tax incentives and consumer advocacy. 

Solar PV | News published on 31/07/2020 by Manu Tayal

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