Prime Aces Announce Sustainability Effort to Offset Carbon Footprint

Prime Aces Limousine, Singapore's premium ground transportation company is the first in its industry to take steps towards offsetting their carbon footprint for both the future and past.

April 25, 2022. By News Bureau

Prime Aces Limousine, Singapore's premium ground transportation company is the first in its industry to take steps towards offsetting their carbon footprint for both the future and past.

To offset the carbon emitted from all their past rides since the company was established 4 years ago in Singapore, Prime Aces Limousine is starting with planting 1,000 trees by Earth Day, on 22nd April 2022.

Prime Aces Limousine founder, Lim Zhi Min, emphasizes on the company's focus to provide unrivalled value in ground transportation, he also understands the need for businesses to be sustainable.

He said, "We aim to become completely carbon-neutral by 2035. To achieve that, Prime Aces Limousine will be taking action today, to at least offset the carbon footprint we've created."

To achieve this farseeing milestone, Prime Aces Limousine will be working in partnership with Ecomatcher, the world's first digital platform that helps companies increase sustainability engagement.

Through a process known as Transparent Tree-planting, Ecomatcher provides insights to stakeholders into where their contributions are going.

This prevents greenwashing, ensures that every tree is planted and looked after, and holds every player in the supply chain accountable.

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