Power R&D

Siemens opens world?s largest wind turbine R&D test facilities

“Our investments in testing today will result in savings for our customers tomorrow”, says Felix Ferlemann, CEO of the Siemens Wind Power Division.

Power R&D | 12/03/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 5210 readings

Ultrasound contacting to bring thin film costs down

New joint research project optimizes the production of thin film solar cells.

Power R&D | 07/02/2013 | By Gisela Bühl 6773 readings

Power R&D | 17/12/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4714 readings

ISOFOTON urges European Governments to support R&D and innovation

Angel Luis Serrano, President of the company sees no growth without R&D.

Power R&D | 05/10/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4653 readings

MoU to accelerate solar energy research

International Research Institutes join forces.

Power R&D | 11/07/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 21184 readings

REC Peak Energy Eco a greener PV module

Europe’s largest solar module producer, Renewable Energy Corporation (REC), has launched the REC Peak Energy Eco – a new solar module produced with lead-free...

Power R&D | 31/05/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4887 readings

SEC and DTU sign MoU to boost solar energy research in India

The MoU seeks to encourage the M. Tech. students opting for solar energy topics i.e. Solar Thermal, Concentrated Solar Thermal, Solar Cooling, Solar Photovoltaic...

Power R&D | 22/05/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5169 readings

India and USA reinforce R&D in clean energies

The three priority areas are Solar Energy , Second Generation of Bio-fuels and Energy Efficiency of Buildings.

Power R&D | 16/05/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 24337 readings

Innovative casting technology from GT Advanced Technologies for wafer producers

The new milestone in casting technology is a 75 percent increase in yields using the same furnace configuration that the company first introduced at the end...

Power R&D | 15/03/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 5203 readings

Suntech achieves world record 20.3% efficiency for Pluto cell technology

"This technology breakthrough marks another critical milestone in our effort to improve solar cell efficiency, which will ultimately make solar competitive...

Power R&D | 12/03/2012 | By Gisela Bühl 4903 readings

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