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CEEW Report on ‘Shaping a Prosperous and Sustainable India’

Report focuses on India’s energy mix for a low-carbon future; coal and natural gas; grid-connected and decentralised renewable energy

Power R&D | 17/09/2014 | By Moulin 15913 readings

India's first IIEST in Shibpur, Howrah, West Bengal inaugrated

One of the important areas of engagement of the institute to be Clean coal technology

Power R&D | 26/08/2014 | By Moulin 15782 readings

India Energy Security Scenarios 2047 launched

IESS-2047 is an Excel based web tool which explores a range of potential future energy scenarios for India

Power R&D | 08/08/2014 | By Moulin 15761 readings

Government says no to Budget Restrictions on Research & Development

Ministry is also working on setting up a Clean Energy Innovation centre modelled on the lines of Centres at Harward, Berkley and Stanford

Power R&D | 06/08/2014 | By Moulin 15528 readings

India Solar 2014 Awards are now open for nomination

This year’s nomination categories include CSP Developer 2014, PV Developer 2014, CSP Technology and Supplier 2014, PV Supplier 2014, Indian Solar Company...

Power R&D | 24/07/2014 | By Gisela Bühl 23583 readings

Siemens creates research alliance for energy systems of the future

Siemens to invest eight-figure euro amount over three years

Power R&D | 07/07/2014 | By Moulin 15426 readings

Basic research starts on Breaker Technologies for DC Power Grids

German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds the research project “NEST-DC”

Power R&D | 01/07/2014 | By Moulin 15381 readings

ABB funds new power semiconductor professorship at ETH Zurich University

Contributes 5 million Swiss Francs to ETH Zurich's electrical energy initiative to boost energy efficiency and environmentally friendly renewable energy sources

Power R&D | 13/06/2014 | By Moulin 15196 readings

DSM joins the Solliance CIGS research program

Enters into a 3-year agreement to participate in this alliance that focuses on developing new solutions for solar modules

Power R&D | 10/06/2014 | By Moulin 15177 readings

Bunt Solar inaugurates the ‘Bunt Solar Museum’

The museum to serve as solar study & research center and showcase the entire solar product range of the company

Power R&D | 26/05/2014 | By Moulin 15714 readings

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