Power R&D

Tata Power-DDL, Deakin University Collaborates to Develop Accurate Power Forecasting Solutions

This partnership will aim to develop solutions for the short term, long term and day-ahead scheduling of power. The two organizations will also work on the...

Power R&D | 06/09/2019 | By News Bureau 892 readings

Researchers Develop Enhanced Way to Harness Power of Solar Panels

The new algorithm enables controllers to better deal with fluctuations around the maximum power point of a solar PV system, which have historically led to the...

Power R&D | 28/08/2019 | By News Bureau 835 readings

Researchers at IIT-Mandi Developing Technology to Transform Heat into Electricity

In the Western world, many automobile companies, including Volkswagen, VOLVO, Ford and BMW are developing thermoelectric waste heat recovery systems that promise...

Power R&D | 20/08/2019 | By News Bureau 914 readings

IIT Madras Innovates to Generate Power from Estuaries

“Osmotic power generation is, as the name proposes, based on the osmotic pressure that is produced when a semipermeable membrane separates saltwater from...

Power R&D | 16/08/2019 | By News Bureau 910 readings

Forthcoming RE Investments to be Hit by Reconsideration of Signed PPAs in Andhra: ICRA

The state government has established a High-Level Negotiation Committee (HLNC) to review, negotiate and bring down the cost of wind and solar PPAs tied-up by...

Power R&D | 08/07/2019 | By News Bureau 863 readings

BU Researchers Working to Manufacture Graphene-based Solar Cells

Presently, solar cells are made using silicon, which is a complex procedure and needs an industrial set-up said D Nataraj, professor of physics at the university,...

Power R&D | 26/06/2019 | By News Bureau 958 readings

Dutch Scientists Employs Fluoride to Make Perovskite Solar Cells More Steady

In a paper published in Nature Energy the scientists claim to have developed a perovskite-based solar cell with a power conversion efficiency of 21.46% that...

Power R&D | 21/05/2019 | By News Bureau 986 readings

AI Can Accelerate Production of Safe, Clean Fusion Energy: Research

A team of scientists at the US Department of Energy's (DOE) Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL) and Princeton University are smearing deep learning to...

Power R&D | 19/04/2019 | By News Bureau 1265 readings

IIT Madras & Teertha Collaborates to Co-Develop Solar-powered Water Generator

The IIT Madras and Teerthaa initiative, by going for solar power, is evidently looking for more semi-permanent or use cases in areas where access is an issue...

Power R&D | 11/03/2019 | By News Bureau 1345 readings

Ingeteam develops new optimal offshore power conversion architecture based on in-depth LCoE R&D

Ingeteam, an independent global supplier of electrical conversion and turbine control equipment, announced today that a recent in-house R&D study allowed...

Power R&D | 07/09/2018 | By Moulin 1527 readings

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