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Students Using Battery-Operated Vehicles Set to Get Subsidy in Gujarat

In its bid to promote eco-friendly vehicles, the government of Gujarat has implemented a program for the distribution of battery-operated vehicles (BOVs), especially...

Power R&D | 20/01/2020 | By Darshana Daga 285 readings

Need Critical Transmission Infrastructure to Support Clean Energy Goals: ScottMadden Report

The study prepared on WIRES’ behalf by ScottMadden, delivers a region-by-region analysis of renewables integration and resilience issues. “Informing...

Power R&D | 16/01/2020 | By Moulin 346 readings

Solar+Storage- The Ultimate Energy Solution for The Future: WFES

At the Future Sustainability Summit, Li Zhenguo, Founder and President of LONGi, delivered a keynote speech which discussed various issues such as the development...

Power R&D | 15/01/2020 | By Darshana Daga 431 readings

IIT-H Researchers Recommends Harnessing Earth’s Heat for Power Generation

Researchers advocated that in this era of dwindling fossil fuel reserves and increasing greenhouse gas emissions, a combination of renewable energy technologies...

Power R&D | 10/01/2020 | By Moulin 461 readings

Freezing Air to Store Renewable Energy in Vermont

In 2011, the state adopted a plan to get 90% of its power from renewable sources by 2050. That led to a surge of wind-generated power from the north-eastern...

Power R&D | 03/01/2020 | By Moulin 296 readings

Researchers Designs Hybrid Solar-Energy-Harvesting Device to Facilitate Uninterrupted Power

It is not only electricity that needs to be stored: An equally useful aspect of energy transition is the ability to capture and store solar thermal energy....

Power R&D | 02/01/2020 | By Darshana Daga 550 readings

IIT Guwahati Innovates Materials to Produce Power from Water

The researchers engaged the nanoscale phenomenon called "electrokinetic streaming potential" to harvest energy from flowing water on a small scale,...

Power R&D | 30/12/2019 | By Moulin 456 readings

Texas University Team Develops Floating Turbine to Yield Deep-Ocean Wind Energy

The new grant was part of $26 million in funding from ARPA-E for 13 projects to quicken floating offshore wind turbine technologies through the Aerodynamic...

Power R&D | 18/12/2019 | By Moulin 405 readings

50% AT&C Losses as a Result of Unprecedented Power Cuts: J&K Power Dept.

The power department has resorted to curtailment schedule in order to overcome power shortage. non-metered areas are facing eight-and-a-half-hour power cuts,...

Power R&D | 16/12/2019 | By Moulin 330 readings

Protect Environment While Going The ‘Renewable’ Way: University of Southampton Study

Study calls for countries to enact strong regulations to ensure that energy transitions are done in such a way as to protect biodiversity, and to consider both...

Power R&D | 06/12/2019 | By Ashish Wagh 259 readings

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