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Alternative Development Pathways for a Sustainable India

Report attempts to provide a larger vision and direction for the paradigm shift to low carbon options by the middle of the century while meeting the development...

Policies & Regulations | 06/02/2014 | By Moulin 5592 readings

Ineligible items to be excluded from the Total Bill of Material to be submitted to MNRE

Ministry finalizes an illustrative list due to issue of Excise Duty Exemption Certificate & Concessional Custom Duty Certificate.

Policies & Regulations | 15/01/2014 | By Moulin 5030 readings

Union Cabinet approves operationalization of the Power System Development Fund (PSDF) proposal

To renew and Modernize(R&M) transmission and distribution systems for relieving congestion

Policies & Regulations | 03/01/2014 | By Moulin 4814 readings

Mega Power Policy 2009 to be finally amended

To ensure cheaper rates for electricity supply to the consumers

Policies & Regulations | 03/01/2014 | By Moulin 5004 readings

Policies & Regulations | 17/12/2013 | By Moulin 4197 readings

30% CFA on the Benchmark cost of the equipment in Solar Water Heating systems & Solar PV

Central financial assistance(CFA) for systems such as solar lanterns, home lights, street lights and stand alone PV power plants

Policies & Regulations | 17/12/2013 | By Moulin 4388 readings

MNRE proposes 60 cities/towns to be supported for development as “Solar/Green Cities” in India

The principle approval has been accorded to 55 cities of which 45 cities have been sanctioned

Policies & Regulations | 11/12/2013 | By Moulin 4867 readings

NCEF to subsidise the capacity addition envisaged in the II phase of the National Solar Mission

Government approves implementation of a Scheme for Setting up of Grid-connected Solar PV Power Projects of 750 MW

Policies & Regulations | 11/12/2013 | By Moulin 4637 readings

The scheme-wise targets and achievements in Phase-I of JNNSM

Government keen to promote domestic industry in solar power

Policies & Regulations | 11/12/2013 | By Moulin 4792 readings

Scheme for financial restructuring of State distribution companies amended

To enable the financial turnaround of the State distribution companies for their long term viability

Policies & Regulations | 29/11/2013 | By Moulin 4609 readings

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