Perkins 750 kVA engine delivers fuel consumption benefits

Excellent fuel consumption and dependable power are just some of the benefits Indian generator set manufacturers will experience from Perkins’ updated 750 kVA engine offering.

The newly released Perkins® 4006D-23TAG2, which uses a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) after treatment system to meet India’s CPCB II emissions standards, is a mechanical fuel injection diesel engine, specifically designed to meet customers’ critical requirements.

“The 750 kVA prime offering is an important node for our Indian customers,” said Simon Gray, Perkins electric power product marketing manager, “so over the last few months, we’ve enhanced our engine offering, to ensure we’re delivering one of the most competitive products available at this key prime node. Customers, who take this engine, can be assured that once installed in their generating sets, they are benefitting from one of the best fuel consumption figures available.”

The updated 750 kVA 4006D-23TAG2 ensures customers benefit from a competitive whole life cost, while meeting the newly introduced CPCB II emissions standards. The new engine maintains the space claim of Perkins’ previous CPCB I 750 kVA offering for ease of packaging, and by drawing on the common architecture of the 4000 Series engine family, it uses the same standard spare components, thereby reducing parts inventory requirements.

“In bringing this engine to our Indian customers, we’ve used the most appropriate and efficient technology to not only meet the CPCB II emission norms but to enhance the performance, enabling us to offer our valued customers a competitive product, in all respects,” stated Simon.

Perkins is already taking orders for the 4006D-23TAG2 which will be available from August 2014.  

Gen Sets | News published on 02/07/2014 by Moulin

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