Legrand Group India strengthens its commitment towards the environment.

Legrand Group in India strengthens its commitment towards the environment on this World Environment Day.

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Conclusion of 4th Smart Cities India 2018 expo May 25 2018.

Experts and government delegates call for a collaborative approach to building future-ready sustainable and smart cities at the 4th Smart Cities India 2018...

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One Mega Event concludes with exhilaration and progressive steps forward.

4thSmart Cities India 2018 expo accomplished another successful year of the expo today. The three day event witnessed collaboration, discussions, and a vast...

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The 4th Smart Cities India Expo and 3rd Solar India 2018 expo sees participation from experts.

The recent push by the Government of India to boost energy production in the country and achieve the goal of 175 gigawatts of installed renewable energy capacity...

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4th Smart Cities India Expo 2018, sees its grand launch at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi.

The Smart Cities Mission is central to the overall strategy to accommodate the massive urbanisation that is expected in the future. The government’s mission...

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One Mega Event 2018 to deliver women and girls the tech keys to empowerment.

At One Mega Event 2018, find out how mobile and futuristic technologies, and intelligent mobility in smart cities can tackle gender-based harassment and violence...

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The National Capital gears up to host the 4th edition of One Mega Event on smart cities

The future of humanity lies in sustainable cities, for the strategies to improve the sustainability of the environment can profoundly improve the quality of...

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Norway moves toward the future of sustainable construction.

Oslo will become the epicentre of sustainable construction. Experts from the European Union will gather in the Norwegian city to explain the activities that...

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Green Business Summit 2018 - Renowned experts to discuss sustainability plans.

The first ever Green Business Summit in Abu Dhabi, UAE, will include a series of special panel discussions led by leading experts in international policy and...

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10th edition of GRIHA Summit will be co-hosted by Griha and New South Wales University

The 10th edition of GRIHA Council’s annual flagship event ‘The GRIHA Summit’ will be co-hosted by University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia...

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