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Orb Energy’s 200 KW Rooftop Solar System powers Bisleri’s Mineral Water Manufacturing Unit

Orb’s collateral-free solar loan accelerated Manjunath Food’s solar adoption helping them save approximately INR 20 lakhs per annum

November 21, 2018. By News Bureau

Orb Energy has announced that it has successfully installed and commissioned a 200 kilowatt rooftop solar system at Sri Manjunath Foods and Packagings Pvt. Ltd. in Mangalore, Karnataka. This installation will help Manjunath Foods generate over 3 lakh units of electricity every year harnessing solar energy to power its Bisleri mineral water manufacturing unit.

"We are extremely pleased that Manjunath Foods has selected Orb to design, supply, and install their 200 kilowatt rooftop solar system. We are also pleased they opted to use Orb’s collateral-free solar loan facility, and are proud to be associated with them and Bisleri. Using clean solar energy to generate clean, healthy water feels very natural, and right.” said Damian Miller, Orb’s Chief Executive Officer.

Rooftop solar provides commercial and industrial customers a three- to four-year payback without any subsidy - an unheard-of return on investment on an unsubsidized solar power system. Despite this, many SMEs in India can only afford rooftop solar with finance. To tackle this, Orb offers a collateral-free solar loan to SMEs that matches their payback period, after which all their power is effectively free.

“As a manufacturing partner for Bisleri, we embrace Bisleri’s mission – to have world class quality, at the lowest production and distribution costs. Orb has helped us significantly bring down our production costs, with the power generated from our rooftop solar system costing us just one third of grid power. The cost effectiveness of the system has ensured that the projected savings will be approximately INR 20 lakhs per year, which helps us stay competitive in our market.” said Chetan Shetty, Director, Sri Manjunath Foods and Packagings Pvt. Ltd.

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