NISE conducts 5 Days skill development program on Solar Analytics.

Solar Sector is growing at a tremendous pace with government aiming to achieve 100GW target till 2022. This initiative has seen government directive on solar adoption as grounds up, roof top system across longitude and latitude of India. Solar system works with solar radiation, which create impact on the output energy depending on the quality radiation, cloud cover, ambient temperature, and module technology. Today there is need of knowledge of weather forecasting / solar generation forecasting as it helps the utility professionals with long terms analysis on solar energy generation, O&M, with its relevance and impact on the grid stability , load balancing , addressing peak power demands, creation of power portfolio within utility power purchase basket on renewable energy. Energy Audit of Solar plant is the key objective looked upon for already installed facilities when they are looked upon their quality generation.

Like other energy operations SOLAR too generate BIGDATA (radiations, plant parameters etc) which need to be studied for effective operation as large utility power output impacts power evacuation and grid balancing perspective for state as well as central utility.

SOLAR ANALYTICS is aimed at Developing CoE (Centre of Excellence) on analytics for organization as well as developing skills for managing the same . The program encompass the combination of solar domain with the technology like Internet of things (IOT), Machine Learning, predictive modelling, forecasting, optimization which has to be understood by utility/solar plant engineers and decision makers to carve differentiator for their utility operations in resolving day to day problems . For private sector solar generators Analytics in today's scenario is used by organization in creating a competitive edge, wherein market share is getting limited and margins are shrinking with each passing day as well as address long term perspective of operational efficiency, Energy Audit, Financial return on investment. In today's scenario organizations are preferring to onboard professional who are prepared in taking responsibility at business with less project deployment expenses/learning. This program would help professional/organization carve a difference for themselves at workplace and help establish a foundation of deep analytics for organization they are part of.

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Training & Education | News published on 24/10/2018 by Moulin

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