Motwane Acquires Telemetrics to Strengthen Portfolio

Motwane recently acquired Telemetrics, an established market leader in highly specialised underground cable fault locating equipment.

August 03, 2021. By News Bureau

Motwane recently acquired Telemetrics, an established market leader in highly specialised underground cable fault locating equipment. Through the acquisition, Motwane is able to expand into providing further smart Test & Measurement solutions to its clients, and thus strengthens its portfolio in India and abroad.
With decades of learning and experience, Motwane’s commitment to innovation has made the firm a go-to name in the Indian Test & Measurement industry. Its dynamic and ‘ideas-first’-culture, fueled by the hard work of many talented teams, has resulted in Motwane’s high-performance product range. The ongoing R&D focus led Motwane to advance onto the cloud with the digitization of Test & Measurement processes through the introduction of their software solution MOT-WARE. Telemetric’s cable fault location range of products and systems complements and enhances Motwane’s product portfolio. Both companies share a rich innovation-driven legacy, and share common values such as good governance, transparent business practices, and the unshakable commitment towards finding relevant solutions for their customers.
“Telemetrics is a very well-run company”, says Gautam Khandelwal, Chairman of Motwane Group, “and a trusted brand. We are pleased to welcome it to the Motwane group. The two companies will add value to each other’s offerings, and help create an Indian champion in the Test & Measurement space that can compete with the best globally.”
For Motwane, it is an exciting collaborative step into a more diversified future, and therefore a perfect strategic fit that will enhance the company’s product range, spur growth, increase market share, and, as a result, aligns with Motwane’s vision of becoming a key global player in the electrical Test & Measurement industry. Underground cable fault location is a definite growth area, since power cables are increasingly being laid underground as a result of rapid urbanization, and distributed renewable energy generation. Motwane’s strong distribution network in India and their international customer base is a perfect opportunity for Telemetrics to expand into those new markets.
Aruna Narayan, Telemetrics’ Managing Director states that “the acquisition is a smart choice in a challenging business environment to jointly work on a bigger platform, both domestic and international. We can now share a bigger product basket with our loyal customers, most of them being common, offering joint R&D efforts, and prompt services. For me personally, it is the unique blending of engineering and people skills, whether technical or in the human potential realm, that opens up new and exciting vistas for the growth of both companies.”
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