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Lectrix EV to Supply1000 E2Ws to ZEVO for Deployment

Lectrix EV has inked a strategic partnership with ZEVO, a powerhouse in the electric mobility sector.

June 14, 2024. By Aishwarya

Lectrix EV has inked a strategic partnership with ZEVO, a powerhouse in the electric mobility sector.

Lectrix EV is a part of the SAR Group which has over 30 years of market presence and well-established consumer brands such as Livpure and Livguard. The group operates in 28 international markets and house 6 R&D facilities.

Under this collaboration, Lectrix EV will supply 1000 cutting-edge electric two wheelers to ZEVO for deployment in their last mile delivery operations across the nation. This partnership signifies a crucial step towards the promotion of green mobility in the logistics sector and Lectrix EV's commitment to driving positive change in the EV ecosystem.

Under this collaboration ZEVO will have continuity of range with Lectrix Ev’s Battery Swap Network, a first-of-its-kind initiative in India. Lectrix EV's innovative battery swap network ensures uninterrupted operations, addressing one of the critical challenges in EV adoption — range anxiety. ZEVO has opted for Lectrix's battery swap package into their vehicles highlighting the confidence in Lectrix's technology and its ability to enhance operational efficiency.

Currently, Lectrix EV is the only OEM to launch a Swapping Network, which provides users the flexibility to pay as per swap/kilometre. A 52 second swap adds 98 km of range to the EV. Lectrix’s Battery Swapping Station Density includes 400 planned Swap stations in Bengaluru, 300 in Delhi/ NCR and significant numbers of swapping stations in Pune & Hyderabad to cover the entire city.

Lectrix EV's battery swap network for these 1000 bikes will also ensure that ZEVO’s riders can swap batteries on the move, eliminating concerns about battery drain and range anxiety. It will reduce downtime and help riders earn more. This feature not only provides peace of mind to riders but also enhances the overall experience of electric vehicle usage, making it more convenient and user-friendly.

ZEVO will also have access to Lectrix Ev’s comprehensive eco-system integration. This partnership aligns with ZEVO’s committed and concerted efforts towards sustainability thereby contributing significantly to a greener India. Lectrix EV offers a seamlessly integrated ecosystem comprising vehicles, battery solutions, and a robust battery swap network. This end-to-end solution will ensure a hassle-free experience for B2B fleet companies, like ZEVO streamlining operations and maximizing efficiency.

Pritesh Talwar, President - EV Business, Lectrix EV expressed, "We are thrilled to partner with ZEVO in revolutionizing last-mile delivery operations. We are known for our service support and service level agreements (SLAs) and we have set the industry benchmark for excellence. With a focus on customer satisfaction and operational reliability, we will ensure that ZEVO also receives unparalleled support, further solidifying its position as a leader in the EV market. This collaboration is a testament to our commitment to driving sustainable transportation solutions and spearheading the EV revolution in India."

Aditya Singh Ratnu, Founder and CEO of ZEVO said, "Lectrix EV's innovative solutions align perfectly with our vision of promoting zero-emission transportation. India’s neural network of roads is tapered and needs maneuverability of a two-wheeler to facilitate deliveries and other commercial activities. By integrating Lectrix EV's two-wheelers into our operations, we are confident in delivering unparalleled value to our customers and riders while contributing to a greener future."

ZEVO plans to deploy these advanced two-wheeler EVs nationwide, starting with Delhi and Mumbai. After this initial phase, the rollout will expand to other major cities, including Pune and Hyderabad.
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