KACO New Energy Launches New 1-Phase Inverters

KACO new energy has begun shipping its next generation of inverters. The blueplanet NX1 M2 are 1-phase devices with output powers between three and five kVA.

August 06, 2021. By News Bureau

KACO new energy has begun shipping its next generation of inverters. The blueplanet NX1 M2 are 1-phase devices with output powers between three and five kVA. The designation M2 stands for the number of MPP trackers: in conjunction with the power rating, a sign of the flexible application possibilities of the inverters in the segment of small solar PV plants. Overall, KACO new energy has placed great emphasis on effortless system design, commissioning and operation for the new product family: Operators should be able to participate in the renewable energy supply through photovoltaics as easily as possible.
Since its foundation in 1998, KACO new energy GmbH has been known not only for its innovative inverters, but also for its complete product range across the technically possible power spectrum. Thus, as a convinced driver of the energy turnaround, the company has always had the pioneers of the solar revolution in mind, the operators of residential rooftop PV systems. 
Simple planning and integration
For this market segment, the German inverter specialist now offers a completely new family of 1-phase devices, the blueplanet NX1 M2. With 3.0, 3.7, 4.0 and 5.0 kVA, they cover all required power levels while sharing some key features: With two MPP trackers, each capable of handling 3,500 watts, they are suitable for any roof geometry; from 100 volts starting voltage – and 80 volts as the lowest operating voltage – to 580 volts maximum DC voltage, they open an unusually wide design window to capture the largest possible solar harvest at any time of day and in any season.
Heavy on features, light on weight
At 11 kilograms in weight and less than 38 centimeters in maximum extension, the blueplanet NX1 M2 inverters make light work of the entire logistics chain, from storage to transport to installation. Fittingly, the cabling is done via the familiar Sunclix connectors, any special tools are not necessary. Configuration and commissioning are quickly completed via the self-explanatory installation app, and installers and operators can then communicate with the inverters conveniently via WiFi. Any operating faults are quickly identified in this way, so that the economically and ecologically valuable renewable energy production can be maintained to its full extent. 

Replacement is only a matter of minutes thanks to the swap unit concept. In operation, the blueplanet NX1 M2 operate in whisper mode (<25 dB) with a minimum self-consumption of less than one watt. 

With an extensive menu of presets, the new inverters are well prepared for use in all European and numerous non-European countries, especially where single-phase networks predominate. The blueplanet NX1 M2 are available immediately. 
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