ISOVOLTAIC backsheets with 3rd generation polyamide

ISOVOLTAIC has further enhanced its polyamide backsheets which are already used successfully throughout the world and can offer an outstanding price/performance ratio with the ICOSOLAR® 3G product range. The backsheets using 3rd generation polyamide are about to conquer the global market.

ICOSOLAR® APA 3G is UL recognized and TÜV type approved and has already been certified by several module manufacturers for use in their modules.


ICOSOLAR® FPA 3G and ICOSOLAR® TPA 3G were also certified for the Japanese market with the JET Component Registration in February 2013. This is a certification which, in addition to the successful existence of strict conformity testing, also includes auditing of the production processes and the production environment.


The certification of solar modules in accordance with standard IEC 61215 specifies 1,000 hours of weathering in the damp heat test. ISOVOLTAIC, however, is not satisfied with that. The benchmark for ICOSOLAR® products is 3,500 hours of damp heat. A test which is passed without delamination, blisters, wrinkles or cracks.


As a result, both relevant public certification institutes and also the stability and quality tests constantly carried out by ISOVOLTAIC confirm the outstanding properties of ICOSOLAR® products. This enables fast and easy certification for the company’s customers worldwide.

Solar manufacturing | News published on 05/03/2013 by Gisela Bühl

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