ISHRAE Organizes 1st Asian Conference on Indoor Environmental Quality (ACIEQ)

Indian Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ISHRAE) in collaboration with Society for Indoor Environment (SIE) and Indoor Air Quality Association-India Chapter(IAQA) has announced that it has organized the 1st “Asian Conference On Indoor Environmental Quality” (ACIEQ) between 1-2 February, 2019 at Indian Aviation Academy, New Delhi.

Growing urbanization and increase in population has increased the exposure of people to airtight buildings with accompanying health impacts. With more than 90% of time being spent indoor, the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) plays an important role in maintaining the health, well-being, & productivity of individuals especially in urban areas.

Indoor Environment is an area that is not currently well addressed in the design and use of built environment in India& has not received the importance and traction that it deserves. India does not have standards for indoor air quality today& studies on the assessment of health impacts due to indoor air pollution have been rather scant and there are no third party certifications to know the efficacy of indoor air pollution control equipment.

C Subramaniam, President ISHRAE on sharing his views about the conference said, “In India, the numbers of cities are slowly increasing so the idea is not only to make it Delhi centric but a pan India approach. Air pollution is much more of a health issue now specially for old people and children. We need to ensure that we start working on national clean air program. It’s not only the government initiative our society who comes together to work them.”

National guidelines on the subject of Indoor Air Quality need to be framed by involving “green” builders, architects, air ventilation experts, paint manufacturers, furniture makers & other stakeholders.

Dr. Prasad Modak, President, SIE was the media spokesperson for the event. He addressed the audience by stating, “It is a high time that the Ministry of Environment & Forests & Climate Change comes up with national guidelines on the subject of Indoor Air Quality. We will also need a multipronged approach by involving “green” builders, architects, air ventilation experts, paint manufacturers and furniture makers to come up with a rounded strategy. Relying on regulations alone is not going to be effective”

This conference was a meet and interaction with Industry, Government, Research and Academia Experts on Indoor Environment with eminent speakers like C Subramaniam, President ISHRAE, Mr. Vikram Murthy, National President, ISHRAE and Ms. Shruti Bharadwaj, EADDI Director

Major Themes that were covered in this Asian Conference were: “Indoor Air Quality for Urban Living’, “Adaptive Thermal Comfort” and “Occupant Performance and Behavioral Studies”

Business | News published on 05/02/2019 by Moulin

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