Indian Biogas Industry can Help Reduce Waste at Landfill Sites by 50%

Indian Biogas Association (IBA), an association of operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, said that Biogas Industry can help reduce waste landing at landfill sites by almost 50% in next three years.

December 03, 2021. By News Bureau

Indian Biogas Association (IBA), an association of operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, said that Biogas Industry can help reduce waste landing at landfill sites by almost 50% in next three years.
The per capita generation of waste in India stands at 0.4 kg out of which roughly 50% is organic in nature and can be potentially diverted to biogas plants. Estimated waste generated in India is roughly 2.5 lacs metric tons per day and presently over 85% out of the total generated organic waste reaches the landfill sites.

This waste leads to production of hazardous gases like Methane, and Carbon dioxide, Ammonia, and Hydrogen sulfide and are a great concern of human health and environment.

Several research show that people living closer to landfill sites suffer from medical conditions such as asthma, diarrhea, stomach pain, reoccurring flu, cholera, malaria, cough, skin irritation, cholera, and diarrhea more than the people living far away from landfill sites.
Indian Biogas industry can be instrumental in reducing compostable waste in various states. Presently, the industry is using minuscule fraction of the highly potent organically degradable waste across country for generating Biogas/ Bio CNG/CNG. 

Biogas industry can contribute significantly in reduction of this waste, if the scheduled commissioning of plants across India undertakes on time. Presently, there are around 200 odd biogas / CBG plants with processing capacity of approximately 20,000 metric tons per day of all kinds of potential organic waste including MSW and other wastes like industrial waste, agro-residues etc. that are commissioned or in different stages of plant installation across India under various Government schemes like waste to energy scheme of MNRE and Solid Waste Management rules, 2016.
Dr. A R Shukla, President, Indian Biogas Association said, “The kind of waste, which lands in waste disposing sites, if utilized well, could help India meet a considerable fraction of Green House Gas (GHG) reduction commitments at global level. Biogas industry can be a game changer, particularly in helping metro cities fight the waste management issue by almost 50% of the waste generated is compostable and can be used by our industry. The Government can help industry by providing much needed support in the form of subsidies. There are more than 2000 pending new biogas plants, if these are commissioned within the targeted time, they can not only lead to better environment for the younger generation but can also help reduce the import bill of the Government.”

“Biogas industry can help reduce yearly import bill by INR 1.1 lakh crore post commissioning of proposed Government target of 5k biogas plants,” he further added.
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