India Energy Security Scenarios 2047 launched

IESS-2047 is an Excel based web tool which explores a range of potential future energy scenarios for India

August 08, 2014. By Moulin


The Planning Commission has developed, the “India Energy Security Scenarios 2047” (IESS-2047), an Excel based web tool which explores a range of potential future energy scenarios for India, for several energy demand and supply sectors leading up to 2047. This tool is available to the public through an interactive, web interface as well as an Excel-based model with extensive sector-wise documentation. It is hosted on the website of the Planning Commission.

The IESS 2047 explores India’s energy future across energy supply sectors such as solar, wind, biofuels, oil, gas, coal, and nuclear, and energy demand sectors such as transport, industry, agriculture, cooking, and lighting and appliances. The model allows users to interactively make energy choices, and explore a range of possible outcomes for the country – from carbon dioxide emissions and import dependence to land-use. The details of various scenarios developed are projected in terms of four levels as -

Level-1: Least Effort Scenario: The ‘Least Effort’ scenario in the demand sector (Level 1) offers projections assuming past trends continue. Similarly, in supply sectors, the ‘Least Effort’ scenario (Level 1) is of poor domestic output of energy, and is likely to follow the past trends, should there not be any major policy announcement, or any other trigger in generating energy supply. 

Level 2, the ‘Determined Effort’ scenario: Level 2, the ‘Determined Effort’ scenario describes the level of effort which is deemed most achievable by the implementation of current policies and programmes of the government. This scenario indicates that existing and committed policies maintain the same trend in future also.

Level 3, the ‘Aggressive Effort scenario: Level 3, the ‘Aggressive Effort’ scenario describes the level of effort needing significant change which is hard but deliverable.

Level 4, the `Heroic Effort` scenario: Level 4, the `Heroic Effort` scenario describes the level of effort equivalent to the `world`s best` scenario which has been realised in some countries. On the demand side, the `Heroic Effort` scenario, (Level 4) indicates heightened efficiency numbers, leading up to the physically best attainable in due course.  On the other hand, on the supply side, the `Heroic Effort` scenario gives us the physical limits, which would guide the growth of that particular energy supply up to the year 2047. 

There are also projections on the demand side and the consumption side in various sectors for the least effort and the heroic effort made by the government as:

Sector Baseline 2012 `Least Effort` Scenario (2047) `Herioc Effort` Scenario (2047)
Commercial Lighting & Appliances 69.8 970.6 761.6
Industry 2,278.80 11,326.40 7,960.70
Rail transport 40.5 128.8 125.8
Transport 847.9 6,085.30 3,035.00
Agriculture 237.2 1,047.80 533.1
Household Cooking 1,153.70 1,069.20 616
Cooking 1,218.50 1,808.20 1,296.50
Gas reserves 449 769 2,115
Baseline (2012) `Least Effort` Scenario (2047) `Heroic Effort` Scenario (2047)
Nuclear fission 94 168 990
Wind 19 161 1,462
Bioenergy 959 993 3045
Oil reserves 443 401 907
Gas Reserve 449 769 2,115

Althought the IESS-2047 calculator launched in February, 2014 by Planning Commission, doesn’t include the cost parameter in various scenarios.

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