India a $50 billion Market for Energy Storage: Andres Gluski, CEO, AES Corp

India offers a prospective investment prospect of $50 billion for battery storage facilities that could help integrate renewable energy into the grid, replace polluting diesel-fueled power and boost electric mobility, as per Andres Gluski, CEO of American energy company AES Corp.

“Battery-based energy storage has an essential role to play in helping India realize its vision for a more sustainable energy future,” Gluski said, in an interview.

Gluski was in India to commence country’s first utility-scale battery storage system, which has been installed to support the grid in New Delhi. The 10 MW system, at Tata Power Delhi Distribution’s Rohini substation, was built by AES with Mitsubishi for almost $9 million. It uses the Advancion energy storage platform from Fluence, a JV between Siemens and AES.

India has set a goal of reaching 175 GW of renewable power generation capacity by 2022. The ability of the grid to integrate alternating renewables and the huge investment requisite to upgrade the nation’s transmission and distribution infrastructure, are vital challenges for India to meet its striving target.

Energy storage can help better integrate renewables by providing multiple services to the grid system, such as optimizing transmission and distribution investment, addressing forecasting errors associated with wind and solar generation for more accurate scheduling, solving local reliability issues by providing reactive power support, equipping end users to manage peak loads, and enabling more efficient utilization of distributed renewable generation.

Energy Storage | News published on 15/02/2019 by Moulin

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