IMP Powers Ltd. ventures into exciting new business with Smart Hydro Power GmbH Ltd

The Collaboration will focus on enhancing global growth in hydro power solutions

August 02, 2016. By Moulin


IMP Powers Ltd. (India) (“IMP”) has announced that it has entered into an Exclusive Marketing & Sales agreement with Smart Hydro Power GmbH Ltd. (Germany) (“SHP”) to strengthen the solutions for renewable energy source in India. As per the Exclusive Marketing & Sales agreement, IMP Powers Ltd. will exclusively market 5kw kinetic energy turbines initially in India. This arrangement will then be extended for marketing in other select countries also. This smart solution is “India’s First Kinetic Energy Turbine” leading to Energy Saving & Serving the Nation. The Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) encourages and supports the use of kinetic turbine technology as an important source of renewable energy in India.

This path-breaking technology of SHP focuses on the application of the Free Stream Turbine in India along with its world-wide presence. The Free Stream Turbines also known as zero head or in-stream turbines are powered by kinetic energy instead of the conventional hydro power project which uses Potential energy. They can be installed in canals, tail races of conventional hydropower plants, rivers & free-flowing streams. This is a breakthrough technology as it doesn’t require construction of dams and head differentials are not necessary for the operation of hydro power plant. This technology is proven to be the best alternative for decentralized electrification along the rivers.

IMP Powers Ltd.(IMP) is a 55 year old listed transformer manufacturing company and a market leader of upto 400kV class transformers. Smart Hydro Power, a German engineering company having won several awards for its smart products, focuses on providing decentralized energy solutions.

“When power is produced & distributed at Base Load, the technical loses are lower by around 8-10%. When this is extrapolated and measured after putting 100’s of such turbines, the energy saving would be substantial, thus contributing in the reduction of technical losses”, stated Dr. Karl Kolmsee, MD/CEO, Smart Hydro Power GmbH Ltd.

“This cutting-edge technology coupled with low infrastructure cost makes this product a cost-effective solution for India’s growing energy needs. Next year onwards, we will manufacture this product in India to step up our ‘Make in India’ drive. We are committed towards nation building using sustainable and renewable energy sources. IMP will also have exclusive marketing & selling rights for the break-through technology Products - Free Stream Turbines in Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar & East African regions from next year”, said Aaditya Dhoot, MD, IMP Powers Ltd.

IMP Powers Ltd. has already pioneered in the Testing equipment sphere and this time, together with Smart Hydro Power (SHP), taken a step towards creating a cleaner & greener nation. IMP Powers Ltd. with its vision, dynamic leadership, commitment, professional management, indenisation & branding of the cutting edge technology products (under IMP brands), execution capabilities, marketing prowess, and resources, is confident of growing this business in next 5 years to a scale comparable to IMP Powers Ltd.’s scale in transformer business.

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