Huawei Supplies its Smart String Inverters to ReNew Power’s Prevalent Utility Solar Project

ReNew Power has announced that its 300 MW solar plant at Pavagada Solar Park was successfully on the commercial operation. Huawei supplied its SUN2000-95KTL-INH0 (“95KTL”) 1500Vdc smart interactive string inverters for the setting up of the project.

The 95KTL offers 12 strings intelligent monitoring and fast troubleshooting, 6 MPPT per unit, effectively reducing string mismatch, maximum efficiency 99.0%, European efficiency 98.8%, PLCC (Power Line Carrier Communication) and Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis supported, no vulnerable parts like fuses and LCD, protection degree of IP65, high availability, high uptime and low O&M (“operation and maintenance”) cost. With the PLCC technology, no RS485 cables are required, which delivers a simpler system with safer and more reliable data transmission.

ReNew Power’s 300 MW project is the first utility-scale PV plant in India which uses high-efficiency Mono PERC solar modules, fixed-tilted PV panels with a tilt angle of 15° due to south and flat panel and Huawei FusionSolar 1500V smart string inverter.

Huawei recently updated the traditional astronomical algorithm and adopted the intelligent trackers based on AI algorithms to achieve the integration of tracker control and power supply, maximising energy yields. It’s the largest project in terms of capacity that ReNew Power has commissioned to date and will help mitigate 0.6 million tonnes of CO2 emission per year.

Pavagada Solar Park is located on the flat terrain with high radiation and very little rainfall. It’s part of Karnataka’s Solar Policy 2014-2021, which aims to shift the dependency from conventional power resources to eco-friendly energy resources.

Sumant Sinha, Chairman and Managing Director of ReNew Power said, “We take great pride in commissioning our state-of-the-art 300 MW solar power plant at Pavagada as we look to partner with the Government of Karnataka in harnessing the solar potential of the state. At ReNew, we are committed to providing efficient clean energy solutions to drive sustainable economic growth in India and do our bit to arrest climate change.”

Energy Storage | News published on 23/04/2019 by Moulin

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