Huawei Provides Infrastructure Solution for Building Largest Green Data Center Cluster in Central China

Three Gorges Group completed the first phase of its Dongyuemiao Data Center Project in Yichang, Hubei.

April 11, 2022. By News Bureau

Three Gorges Group completed the first phase of its Dongyuemiao Data Center Project in Yichang, Hubei. Huawei Digital Power provides the overall data center infrastructure solution for this project.

The data center is located on the right bank of the Three Gorges Dam — one of the world's largest hydropower stations. Once all three phases of the project are completed, the data center will house 26,400 racks, spanning over 100,000 square meters — becoming the largest green data center cluster in central China.

The first phase of the project, costing CNY 845 million, built 4,400 racks with a footprint of 40,000 square meters, including a data center equipment room building, a communications command building, and a 35 kV substation.

The entire power consumption of this first phase, amounting to over 200 million kWh electricity per year, will be supplied using clean hydropower generated by the Three Gorges Dam.

The project is naturally cooled by water from the river to significantly reduce energy consumption and boost energy efficiency.

The Dongyuemiao Data Center is built in accordance with the national class-A equipment room standards. It utilizes industry-leading technologies along with proprietary, secure, and controllable products, to become the first large-scale, green, zero-carbon data center in China.

Huawei provides the overall L0+L1 solution, including data center system architecture design, main equipment supply, and integrated project delivery and management.

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