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Hitachi Energy Unveils OceaniQ Transformers for Offshore Floating Applications

Tokyo-headquartered Hitachi Energy has introduced its OceaniQ™ portfolio for the offshore energy market.

April 04, 2022. By Manu Tayal

Tokyo-headquartered Hitachi Energy has introduced its OceaniQ™ portfolio for the offshore energy market.
The global technology company in power grids is planning to showcase its portfolio this week at the annual WindEurope event in Bilbao, Spain.
The company said that it has created OceaniQ™ to help accelerate the clean energy transition, and OceaniQ will result in greater volumes of wind power being efficiently harvested and integrated into the world’s energy system.
Its recently launched transformers for floating applications are the first entry into the OceaniQ™ portfolio of solutions that address the unique challenges of the offshore environment
Key characteristics of OceaniQ™ solutions feature a modular design to enable timely installation and the ability to quickly connect energy assets to onshore. OceaniQ solutions take advantage of digitalization, enabling safe and secure remote monitoring and other services such as predictive maintenance. Designs are also ruggedized to withstand harsh marine conditions, minimizing the need for physical service over their lifetime. OceaniQ solutions also embody the rigorous application of lifecycle thinking.
The first products to be announced as part of the OceaniQ™ portfolio are the company’s recently announced transformers for offshore floating applications. Since the first commercial projects in the early 1990s, offshore wind electricity generation has grown enormously, with more than 35 GW capacity currently worldwide.
Yet building offshore brings great challenges beyond the harsh salt-water environment and only a small fraction of the full potential has been exploited. This is because many offshore areas do not have a suitable seabed and beyond 60-meter depths are not optimal for fixed structures.
OceaniQ™ transformers and shunt reactors are key equipment in the grid infrastructure that enables the transmission of electricity generated in offshore wind farms. This full and qualified range of equipment has been developed in partnership with the forefront floating offshore developers. It brings in world-leading experience to meet requirements, featuring a lightweight, compact, and modular design that comprises of specially-designed transformer active part, tank, and components.
“In OceaniQ™, our world-class engineers take pride in pioneering solutions that overcome harsh offshore conditions and ultimately, help society move towards a carbon-neutral future,” said Bruno Melles, Managing Director of Hitachi Energy’s Transformers business.
Bruno added, “Floating electrical systems are an important development in the evolution of the offshore renewable industry that will open up tremendous opportunities and unlock new business models that are built on clean power. OceaniQ is fully in the spirit of Hitachi Energy’s Purpose, which is focused on advancing a sustainable energy future for all.”
Alfredo Parres, Head of Renewables at Hitachi Energy commented, “Wind power is one of Earth’s bountiful and free-giving natural resources and through the OceaniQ offshore portfolio, customers will be able to harness and integrate it more efficiently.”
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