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Hiboy to Unveil its Folding Electric Bike Hiboy C1

This folding electric bike enhances the rider's riding style and performance for a fantastic urban riding experience while ensuring complete safety and security.

March 30, 2024. By News Bureau

Hiboy has recently announced to introduce its first folding Electric bike, Hiboy C1. This folding electric bike enhances the rider's riding style and performance for a fantastic urban riding experience while ensuring complete safety and security.

Urban commuters face transportation challenges daily. The biggest challenges are traffic congestion during long commutes and a lack of parking space. When the roads fill up with cars and other vehicles, congestion causes commute times to increase drastically, resulting in adverse environmental impacts.

While many people opt for public transportation options, problems arise when people are stuck in traffic for hours and get late for their destination. Hiboy's design philosophy for the C1 electric bike is to help the riding experience of urban commuters and showcase their personal style with comfort.

The Hiboy is beyond a comfortable mode of transportation, unlocking the chase of endless possibilities. It’s sleek and stylish design levels up people’s travel and rides for convenient, comfortable, and personalized riding. The Hiboy C1 electric bike is here to level up their travel and rides, adding joy and fun to the regular commute.

The C1 perfectly blends style and performance for a new urban riding experience. It has a powerful motor with a long-lasting removable battery designed for all ranges of commutes. Its electric riding, with a load of 230 lbs, can easily cover a distance of 22.7 miles (or 35 km), while with pedal 42V 7.8 Ah assist, one can cover a distance of 43.5 miles (or 70 km).    
Urban areas are flooded with various modes of transportation, contributing to increasing air pollution. The Hiboy C1 folding E-bike aims to fulfill its riders' demand for convenient, eco-friendly transportation solutions. It addresses these needs with its folding design, lightweight construction, and stylish aesthetics.

The Hiboy C1 Folding electric bicycle has a unibody structural design and high-carbon steel frame, achieving a remarkable balance between lightness and a sturdy frame structure. This makes it easy to carry and ride. Even during peak commuting hours, you can easily weave through crowds without fear of congestion.

The C1 boasts a powerful 350 W motor (maximum 648 W) for thrilling acceleration and power and a robust but long-lasting 36V 7.8 Ah removable battery. The powerful performance and efficiency make the Hiboy C1 electric bike conquer the city commute, bringing its customers a more fun and efficient riding experience. The Hiboy C1 folding bike can handle inclines smoothly with its different riding modes, i.e., electric and pedal assist. Riders can easily conquer steep inclines with a maximum 20 percent angle of climb.

The Hiboy C1's connectivity features are par excellence. It provides support via the Hiboy App for locking, speed control, and other functionalities. Riders can connect their smartphone via Bluetooth to the Hiboy App and easily lock their bike/scooter for added security. They can also enjoy the convenience of customizing speed and cruise control settings. Advanced braking systems and lighting further add to a smooth nighttime riding experience. Hiboy has decided to set its Hiboy C1 Electric Bike pre-sale on April 1, 2024.
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