GWM Plans to Invest RMB 100 Bn in R&D in Next 5 Yrs for NEVS and Smart Vehicles

GWM plans to invest RMB 100 billion in R&D in the coming five years for NEVS and smart vehicles, offering more environment-friendly, smarter, and safer products for global users.

July 08, 2021. By News Bureau

GWM recently held the 8th Technology Festival in Baoding at its headquarters and at the opening ceremony, GWM Chairman Jack Wei emphasized the next-generation clean energy-driven smart cars would constitute the new pattern in future automobile industry development. GWM plans to invest RMB 100 billion in R&D in the coming five years for NEVS and smart vehicles, offering more environment-friendly, smarter and safer products for global users.

Official reports show that, in the new energy field, the "Dayu" power battery unveiled by GWM eradicates fire and explosion once the cells of different chemical systems come across thermal runaway, dispelling users' anxiety about the safety of electric vehicles. In the hybrid power field, the world's first L.E.M.O.N. hybrid DHT launched by GWM enables oil-to-electricity switching based on scene intelligence, allowing a fuel-saving rate as high as over 50% in urban running conditions.

The higher the vehicle's speed in highway running conditions, the larger the fuel-saving rate. In the hydrogen energy field, GWM has developed the cathode air cleaner with 4 air filter elements including activated carbon and synthetic fibre to protect fuel cells, which can strongly adsorb and filter harmful substances and effectively protect the service life of the fuel power system. Its independently developed hydrogen management system actively monitors the system's safety to guarantee the all-around security of vehicles and people, while optimizing the valve and pipeline structure of the hydrogen storage system.

GWM promotes the upgrading of "COFIS Intelligence" 1.0 to 2.0. It adopts the brand-new GEEP electronic and electrical architecture and intelligent wire-controlled chassis supporting L4 level automatic driving and promotes the integration and upgrades of intelligent cockpit, intelligent driving and intelligent services, which facilitates GWM vehicles to be smart travel terminals providing services covering more than 40 scenarios. 

GWM has always adhered to the R&D concept of "excessive investment, precise R&D". Up to now, it has won over 10,000 technical patents. Moreover, it vigorously introduces R&D talent and has established a team consisting of experts in various fields from many countries, with nearly 15,000 R&D staff members.

The R&D investment of RMB 100 billion will enable GWM to recruit more global talent, continuously exert its strength on new energy and intelligent fields and realize GWM 2025 Strategy facilitating "environmental-friendly, intelligent, updated and collective" development.

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