Fronius Set to Extend its Portfolio with GEN24 Plus and BYD Battery-Box Premium HVS/HVM

The new BYD Battery-Box Premium1 and the GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter form a storage system that is setting new standards in terms of versatility and performance

December 09, 2019. By News Bureau

The Fronius portfolio will soon be extended to include the versatile GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter, an all-in-one solution for comprehensive solar self-sufficiency. The GEN24 Plus will be available in both a single-phase Primo and a three-phase Symo version. It is characterized, among other things, by a range of grid back-up options and integrated, open interfaces. The new BYD Battery-Box Premium1 and the GEN24 Plus hybrid inverter form a storage system that is setting new standards in terms of versatility and performance.

“With the GEN24 Plus, we are introducing a truly global hybrid inverter onto the market that will enable us, together with BYD, to implement impressive storage solutions in both single-phase and three-phase markets around the world. We are particularly proud of the grid back-up options with either PV Point or real grid back-up, not least in the three-phase sector, where we have already held a unique position for some time,” says Martin Hackl, Head of Solar Energy at Fronius International GmbH. “This makes us first choice when it comes to selecting a storage solution that can be tailored to a customer’s needs.”

Next generation solar energy storage solutions

Fronius and BYD are working closely together in the field of energy storage to develop efficient battery storage solutions for both households and businesses. All GEN24 Plus hybrid inverters are equipped with a battery connection, energy management, monitoring and open interfaces for hot water heating, an electric car wallbox or home automation as standard. They will be available as the single-phase Primo GEN24 Plus with power categories from 3 to 6 kW and the three-phase Symo GEN24 Plus from 6 to 10 kW from the end of the second quarter of 2020. The BYD Battery-Box Premium storage systems are made up of individual storage modules according to requirements and can be combined with the GEN24 Plus in two different designs2: the Battery-Box Premium HVS from 5.12 to 10.24 kWh and the Battery-Box Premium HVM from 11.04 to 22.08 kWh.

Grid back-up for the highest levels of self-sufficiency

The Fronius GEN24 Plus inverters guarantee energy security with the PV Point, an integrated basic grid back-up supply for a grid back-up socket. Loads can also be supplied by the PV generator and the battery during a power failure by means of Multi Flow Technology. Combined with a sufficiently dimensioned battery, the powerful three-phase Symo GEN24 Plus is characterised by full grid back-up3. This means that larger three-phase loads such as heat pumps can also be operated, guaranteeing both self-sufficiency and flexibility.

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