Freezing Air to Store Renewable Energy in Vermont

The system that supplies clean electricity to Vermont is not exactly a model of Yankee ingenuity.

In 2011, the state adopted a plan to get 90% of its power from renewable sources by 2050. That led to a surge of wind-generated power from the north-eastern part of the state and an expansion of solar.

"Vermont has transmission issues. It's a situation that many places in the U.S. are dealing with where renewable energy is being deployed more and more. It's power that's intermittent. They need something to balance their system out. The longer duration of your energy storage, the more economical it is for a Highview system," according to Salvatore Minopoli, vice president of Highview's USA affiliate.

He adds, the ideal place for installing what Highview calls its "liquid air energy storage system," or LAES, is the site of an abandoned coal-fired power plant. There are many in the United States. "That's where we project our biggest growth," Minopoli stated, noting that old power stations still have the abandoned transmission lines connecting them to the regional power grid.

Power R&D | News published on 03/01/2020 by News Bureau

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