Expression of Interest (EoI) for making Digital Map of manufacturers, dealers and installation

The realizable techno-economic potential for solar water heating and other solar thermal systems in India has been estimated at 40 million sq. m. of collector area. The achievement so far has been modest compared to the overall potential. However, a reasonable infrastructure has emerged and experience is available for manufacture and installation for solar water heating systems for residential and Industrial Sector. There are nearly 100 Channel Partners and 160 MNRE approved manufacturers of Evacuated Tubular Collector (ETC) based systems and many BIS approved manufacturers of solar water heating systems based on Flat Plate Collectors (FPC). In order to access in a common platform, a digital map is proposed for MNRE.

Solar Thermal Programme:

The Ministry has launched a scheme for installation of off-grid solar energy devices including solar water heating systems under JNNSM some of the main features of the scheme are:

  • For rapid upscaling of deployment of SHWS implementation of projects are carried out by involving different channel partners. For this purpose channels partners are accredited based on the report by rating agencies (CRISIL, CARE, ICRA, and FITCH) for submission of proposal to MNRE directly for availing financial assistant in form of capital subsidy or interest subsidy. 
  • Empanelment of manufactures of ETC based solar water heater system is carried out by MNRE based on the applications from the manufactures/ suppliers as per MNRE standards and guidelines.

Digital map of Solar Thermal Programme:

  • For the implementation of the programme feedback on the manufacturing facilities with the manufacture and the customers where the system had been installed is required on regular basis. The Ministry is desirous to digital map of manufacturer and their dealer and sector wise installation of solar water heater in India.

Main Objective:

  • To make a digital map of manufacturer and their dealers of solar water heater in India and also a digital map of sector wise installation of solar water heater.


  • Any firm/consultancy firm involved in energy / renewable energy sector, Scientific Departments, Institutes involved in Renewable Energy Sector etc. with a background in Engineering and/or science and experience in making of digital map and minimum three year experience in solar thermal technology.

Terms and conditions:

  1. The firm will formally see the updated list of BIS manufacturers from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy for consideration under digital map.
  2. The firm will prepare a data sheet seeking following details of the manufacturer and their dealers: Name of the Company, Name of the contact person, Address, Phone Number (with STD code), Fax, Mobile number of the contact person, Email and website address.
  3. Data sheet will be sent by email to all the manufacturers asking for the said information giving a two weeks deadline.
  4. Failure to receive the information the data would be gathered by personal phone call and/or personal visit.
  5. The data on industrial and commercial installations until March, 2014 would be collected in the same email for systems of 100 liters and above segregated into FPC & ETC.
  6. After obtaining the complete data, the information would be compiled in excel format which would be helpful for designing of the digital map location wise.
  7. The country wise dealer details of each manufacturer will be made in an interactive format so that the pointer of the mouse on any given location will provide the complete details.
  8. A consolidated digital map of all the manufacturers and their dealers will be made in the country and a pointer at any given district will give the list of manufacturer active. Anybody wanting to contact the dealer of a respective manufacturer in that district can obtain by simply clicking on the name of manufacturer in that area.
  9. The obtained data of industrial and commercial installation will be segregated into the following: Name of the Company, Name of the contact person, Address, Phone Number (with STD code), Fax, Mobile number of the contact person, Email and website address.
  10. Each category of installation will have a separate colour coding. In case of multiple installation in a city the pointer will indicate all the installations for a given sector capacity and the year
  11. The print digital map to be prepared will indicate the presence of manufacturer and the dealer in the country using colour coding for each of them.
  12. For the industrial digital map to be printed 7 colours indicating the type of industrial/commercial installation in the country.
  13. The digital map would be in editable format so that every year the data base can be modified based on the dealers added/removed and industrial/ commercial added.
  14. Time Frame of the activity: The above activity will be completed in a period of 8 weeks from the date of sanction of proposal.
  15. Firm will submit Demand Draft of Rs. 5,000/- in favour of PAO, MNRE, payable at New Delhi, which is refundable after warranty period.
Thermal Solar | News published on 11/02/2014 by Moulin

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