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ESY SUNHOME to Launch HM6 All-in-one Energy Storage Product

ESY SUNHOME to release its all-in-one energy storage system, HM6.

January 11, 2023. By News Bureau

ESY SUNHOME to release its all-in-one energy storage system, HM6.

The new product reflects the result of a two-year journey of discovery for the company as it embarked on a path motivated by the goal of introducing environmental protection concepts in homes globally.


"Our new product development concept regarding home energy storage equipment helps to promote environmental protection at home for the benefit of younger generations," said Lee, the Founder of ESYSH. "Facilitating photovoltaic energy storage equipment in every family will provide the next generation of young children with the earliest exposure possible to energy technology, benefitting the environmental protection efforts."

The ESYSH HM6 primarily takes on the role of a new home appliance that enhances people's quality of life through power supply, similar in convenience to such appliances as refrigerators and washing machines.

Product installation is extremely simple; all it takes is stacking the battery modules together to enable normal use, thereby removing the potential for installation errors and saving 60-70% on labor-based installation fees.

The IP66 waterproof and dustproof performance ensures the operation of HM6 is unaffected by violent storms. Extreme temperatures are also no problem, with no need for the product to be pre-warmed even in -20 degrees Celsius conditions.

In case of a sudden power failure, the HM6 automatically activates, seamlessly ensuring there is no disturbance due to any power failure.

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