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Epsilon Carbon Gets ‘CSR Project of the Year 2024’ Award for Women Empowerment

The award recognises Epsilon Carbon's dedicated efforts in community sustenance, improving the lives of over 200 women in Sripura village, Jharsuguda district.

July 04, 2024. By News Bureau

Epsilon Carbon Private Limited has been awarded ‘Best CSR Project of the Year 2024’ for the Women Empowerment Project at the Indian Corporate Social Responsibility Awards by The Marketing and Brand Honchos.

With a focus on self-help groups (SHGs), Epsilon Carbon's CSR project, ‘Sustainable Livelihood Interventions for Women of Sripura Village, Jharsuguda District,’ aims to empower women through sustainable economic business operations. The initiative involved five SHGs and eighty women.

These initiatives motivated women to work in groups, thereby enhancing productivity, enabling community building, grassroots empowerment, and fostering self-reliance. The project also helped enhance market linkages and enabled the socio-economic development of its members. This award recognises Epsilon Carbon's dedicated efforts in community sustenance, improving the lives of over 200 women in Sripura village, Jharsuguda district.

Pratish Koparkar, Chief Human Resource Officer of Epsilon Group, said, “We are proud to win the ‘Best CSR Project of the Year’ for the Women's Empowerment Project. As leaders in the chemical industry, we recognize the importance of integrating ESG and sustainability practices. We believe in the power of women to transform communities, and this showcases our commitment to the welfare of people at grass-roots levels, even in Tier 3 and Tier 4 cities. This award demonstrates our commitment to proactive community engagement, reflecting our continuous efforts to make a positive impact. We will continue our efforts and expand our reach to more women across the country to further this positive impact." 

The project involves focused engagement with Master Bookkeeper (MBK), Community Resource Person (CRP), the Sarpanch, and SHGs for sustainable business opportunities for women. It resulted in women-centric ventures such as Badi making, phenyl bottle processing, tailoring, agarbatti units, and chick-rearing businesses.

Five SHGs were chosen, with the 'Maa Parbati SHG,' an all-female team, selected for the phenyl manufacturing project. Phenyl bottles were created and marketed across Jharsuguda, giving village women more financial independence. With a focus on sustainability and CSR initiatives, Epsilon Carbon strives to set industry benchmarks and drive positive change in society.

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