Energy Storage

AKASOL's stylish energy storage unit wins the 2015 Red Dot Design Award

It is their second award after 2014 eCar-Tec Award for neeoQuube

Energy Storage | 13/04/2015 | By Moulin 10218 readings

India Can Be a Key Manufacturing Hub & Attractive Market For Canadian ESS Industry

IESA & ESO signs MOU to jointly work on relevant issues regarding Energy Storage and its development & integration

Energy Storage | 09/04/2015 | By Moulin 10439 readings

Acme installs 1st LI-ION Based Energy Storage Solution

Installation marks company's entry in Indian market with scope of efficient energy storage solutions

Energy Storage | 18/03/2015 | By Moulin 11118 readings

Trojan Battery presents Reliant AGM with C-Max Technology

Reliant™ AGM is manufactured in the U.S. at Trojan’s newest production facility in Sandersville, Ga., and applications including aerial work platform,...

Energy Storage | 19/01/2015 | By Gisela Bühl 18929 readings

RES Americas to build largest & fully commercial energy storage projects in North America

To develop & construct the two 19.8 megawatt (MW) energy storage systems

Energy Storage | 13/11/2014 | By Moulin 10603 readings

ACME Lithium-ion Battery achieves savings of 60% on fossil fuel & maintenance expenses

Acme Li-Ion based Energy Storage solution completes one year of successful deployment

Energy Storage | 29/09/2014 | By Moulin 11137 readings

Trojan Battery unveils its Online Automated Battery Sizing Calculator

Sizing calculator to simplify the task of properly sizing a battery bank for off- grid renewable energy systems

Energy Storage | 11/09/2014 | By Moulin 10475 readings

Imergy Power Systems achieves technological breakthrough in Energy Storage

Imergy has developed a way to produce flow batteries with vanadium at a 98% purity level that can be harvested from environmental waste sites

Energy Storage | 14/07/2014 | By Moulin 10244 readings

SCHMID unveils EverFlow storage for domestic areas

Electrical storage system based on Vanadium-Redox-Flow-Technology

Energy Storage | 09/07/2014 | By Moulin 10494 readings

Acme to install Africa’s first Li-Ion based Energy Storage solution

Installation for leading African telecom player and tower company

Energy Storage | 02/07/2014 | By Moulin 9166 readings

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