Emmvee installs two BIPV systems at its manufacturing unit

Emmvee Photovoltaic Power Pvt Ltd has recently installed 300kWp photovoltaic systems at the new expansion of its photovoltaic and toughened glass manufacturing plants in Bengaluru in India.


The 259kWp roof top system was designed to be the actual roof top for the newly constructed storage area. The roof top was built with the PV modules and a well designed metal structure to guarantee full insulation of the roof. This BIPV (Build Integrated Photovoltaic) system was installed with poly- and mono-crystalline modules to support further testing on both technologies on-site.


To demonstrate the multiple integration of solar photovoltaic applications, Emmvee has designed a 39kWpPV system on its new façade at a tilt of 65 degree to horizontal facing south. The façade BIPV system has 169 modules of 230Wp. The PV panels are integrated aesthetically into the architecture of the building and give an appealing view from the International Airport Road, on the way to the Bengaluru Airport.


All the electricity produced is being consumed in the internal grid for the electrical power needs of the manufacturing unit.


Emmvee has a global experience in providing high efficient and reliable solar solutions. Emmvee’s engineering team has well integrated BIPV which not only generates electricity, but also functions as a building component. BIPV systems generate electricity and allow for the entry of natural light and also provide heat insulation to the building. Thanks to its in-house toughening glass unit, Emmvee can customize all sizes of glass and modules.


Inaugurating the PV system, founder and Managing Director of Emmvee, Mr. D. V. Manjunatha says, “BIPV systems will play an important role in designing a clean energy building. We have installed the BIPV systems in our manufacturing unit to showcase the multiple applications of solar and generate clean, reliable and cost efficient solar power.”

Sustainable Building | News published on 10/12/2012 by Gisela Bühl

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