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EESL Signs MoUs with Partner Organizations to Boost Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

These initiatives are poised to double energy efficiency and triple renewable energy, in alignment with the ambitious targets set at COP28 and G20.

January 19, 2024. By News Bureau

Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), a joint venture of Public Sector Undertakings under the administration of the Ministry of Power has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with strategic partner organizations. These initiatives are poised to double energy efficiency and triple renewable energy, in alignment with the ambitious targets set at COP28 and G20.

Vishal Kapoor, Chief Executive Officer, EESL, said, "The commitment we are making through these MoUs is crucial for not only support in meeting our Nationally Determined Contributions but also for contributing to the global effort in achieving the goals set at COP28. Collaborations like these are a crucial imperative for us to actively contribute to the goal of doubling the rate of energy efficiency and tripling the rate of renewable energy. India has made significant progress in these sectors. As the nation climbs the socio-economic ladder, it will be pivotal for our business models to be people oriented. Energy efficiency has rightly been called the first fuel and the only way to amplify its impact is by making it reach to people in the bottom of the pyramid.”

Erik Solheim, Former Under Secretary General of the United Nations and former minister of Environment and International Cooperation, Norway, said, “The world has moved from the choice of environment or development to environment and development. Asia is the driving force of global economic growth and also leading the world in the space of renewable energy and energy efficiency.”

Dr. Vibha Dhawan, Director General, TERI, said, "‘As economies grow, consumption of energy will invariably rise. However, one of the keyways to mitigate the perils of energy consumption induced climate change is to adopt energy efficiency which should be engrained in what we do. Transparency and communication related to economic benefits of energy efficiency will be critical in bringing the desired change in societies.”

Through collaborative efforts, EESL is forging impactful partnerships with leading organizations to drive sustainable energy solutions and climate action. Below are the details of MoUs:

MoU with Green TERRE Foundation: EESL collaborates with Green TERRE Foundation to propel a movement, 'U75: Net-Zero University Campus.' Seventy-five educational institutes join the initiative to transform campuses into carbon-neutral hubs, advancing energy efficiency and clean energy. This movement not only aims for local impact but also catalyzes India's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs).

MoU with TERI for Partnership Development: EESL and TERI join forces to identify collaboration areas in energy efficiency and clean energy. The partnership encompasses prioritizing policies, technical studies, large-scale program implementation, and training. This collaboration focuses on capacity building, knowledge product development, and joint fundraising proposals, emphasizing coordination activities for effective implementation.

MoU with Hindware Limited: EESL and Hindware unite to implement energy efficiency measures at Hindware facilities. The collaboration centers on achieving energy savings, creating awareness, and contributing to sustainability and decarbonization. This partnership underscores the mutual commitment to work together on common goals related to energy efficiency services.

MoU with C K Birla Group of Companies: EESL partners with Orient Paper and Industries Limited and Orient Cement Limited for energy efficiency and clean energy initiatives. The collaboration includes implementation of energy-efficient technologies identified under the Demonstration of Energy Efficiency Project (DEEP), and other energy efficiency projects. The focus extends to capacity building, technical studies, and coordination activities for effective project execution.

MoU with GGGI and HAREDA on ALCBT Project: EESL, in cooperation with GGGI and HAREDA, embarks on the Asia Low Carbon Buildings Transition (ALCBT) project under the Indo-German Energy Programme. This initiative aims to assess and align project objectives with Haryana's climate action priorities, map state-level agencies, develop an enabling ecosystem through policy measures, and strengthen institutional capacity for scaling up low-carbon buildings. ALCBT signed similar MoU with MCA Kerela.

These strategic collaborations reaffirm EESL's commitment to driving sustainable energy solutions, fostering environmental stewardship, and contributing to a resilient, low-carbon future.
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