Durapower to Electrify Automated Guided Vehicles for Netherlandic Port

Durapower Group will be electrifying Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam's Automated Guided Vehicles, starting Autumn 2021, through VDL Automated Vehicles.

June 22, 2021. By News Bureau

Durapower Group will be electrifying Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam's Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), starting Autumn 2021, through VDL Automated Vehicles. Part of the Rotterdam port's day-to-day logistics will be operated by 77 new state-of-the-art AGVs featuring high-powered lightweight, energy-efficient batteries in a Hybrid-electric driveline.

The move came at a time when the majority of the world's seaports are looking to implement green solutions to reduce their overall carbon footprint.

The new AGVs will enable Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam to expedite its operations, making it possible for the operator to transform its fulfilment responsiveness, meeting end-users' expectations.

Taking into consideration the world's climate goals, the new fleet of AGVs have been designed to consume 50% less fuel compared to diesel-powered AGVs, thus contributing to the climate change initiative. With the new fleet of AGVs, Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam is primed to lead as one of the European Union's fully automated green ports.  

This is the very first time Durapower Group is electrifying Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam's fleet of AGVs through VDL Automated Vehicles. Each electrified AGV is expected to transport more than 100,000 containers, making it efficient for container movement.

Deliveries of the vehicles, which will be deployed to transport shipping containers at the Netherland's port terminal, have been scheduled to commence from late 2021 – mid 2023, with the Lithium-ion Batteries and supporting infrastructure set to be packed towards the end of 2021.  

The contract includes the acquisition of Durapower Group's lightweight high-powered Lithium-ion Batteries for use on AGV platforms developed by VDL Automated Vehicles. The integrated solution enables fast installation on site, and ensures the highest levels of operability and mitigates risks including downtime.

Commenting on the development, Durapower Group's Chief Executive Officer, Kelvin Lim, said "The new fleet of fully automated clean and green AGVs will thrust Hutchison Ports ECT Rotterdam into the global spotlight as a leader in both fulfilment and advanced container terminal operations. Durapower Group's fast charging, lightweight Lithium-ion Batteries will enable quick charging of AGVs, which is vital for container movement and for increasing the operating efficiency of the port. All these highlights reflect Durapower Group's commitment to environmental sustainability and represents a progressive step towards a better, sustainable future with innovative battery solutions."

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