CTCI MAC’s Transition Pieces Ready for Load-out to Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm

CTCI Machinery Corporation (CTCI MAC) has announced that it has completed a substantial number of transition pieces ready to be loaded out to Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm in Taiwan, developed and operated by the German-based wpd AG. The transition pieces’ delivery ceremony on July 29 marks a critical step forward in realizing Taiwan’s offshore wind localization policy.

The 640 MW Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm will feature 80 Siemens Gamesa 8 MW turbines, half of which adopt CTCI MAC’s transition pieces. The first batch of transition pieces is set to be loaded out on a barge by wpd early August from CTCI MAC’s Ta-Lin Shop in Kaohsiung to the offshore site for installation. The rest will be delivered in batches throughout this year.

“With our expertise and experience, we are very confident that CTCI MAC can help Taiwan achieve energy diversification goals through offshore wind farms,” CTCI MAC Chairman Yun-Peng Tan says.

Once completed in 2021, Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm will become the largest single offshore wind farm in the Asia-Pacific, powering up to 640,000 households in Taiwan annually. It is also one of the early offshore wind farms in Taiwan with locally-sourced components.

CTCI MAC is a subsidiary of Taiwan’s largest turnkey contractor CTCI. With over 40 years of expertise manufacturing pressure vessels, CTCI MAC is now an important foundations supplier for offshore wind farm projects in Taiwan. Apart from supplying transition pieces, CTCI MAC recently secured separate contracts with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) and China Steel Power Corporation to supply nearly 300 pin piles to Changfang and Xidao Offshore Wind Farm and Zong Neng Offshore Wind Farm.

Taiwan aims for 5.5 GW installed offshore wind capacity by 2025. CTCI will continue to strongly support the government’s energy diversification and localization policies by tapping further into wind, solar, biofuel, and natural gas power sectors.

wpd AG is a worldwide developer and operator in wind power on- and offshore as well as solar power. Headquartered in Bremen, Germany, it is currently the largest private renewable energy operator in Taiwan.

Wind Power | News published on 29/07/2020 by News Bureau

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