New portable generator that is soundproof, compact and easy to transport.

HIMOINSA launches the HYA3-5 M5 generator set. A portable generator that supplies 4.4kVA of PRP power, whose low fuel consumption and long running time make...

Conventional energy gen-sets | 06/07/2018 | By Moulin 1798 readings

Quieter Silent Plus generator sets, with even more running time for the rental sector.

HIMOINSA has just released the "Silent Plus" range, which reduces noise emissions without limiting the performance of the machine. The range includes...

Conventional energy gen-sets | 21/04/2017 | By Moulin 5532 readings

Volvo Penta launches new power generation engines, offering up to 800 kVA for genset market.

Volvo Penta is launching two new diesel engines – one of which has the highest power density engine per litre of displacement in its class. The TWD1645GE...

Conventional energy gen-sets | 14/02/2017 | By Moulin 5311 readings

Sterling Generators light up the lives of inhabitants of Andaman & Nicobar Island!

Sterling Generators to commission 2 x 3000 KVA generators that will provide continuous and uninterrupted electricity supply to the entire Andaman & Nicobar...

Conventional energy gen-sets | 02/01/2017 | By Moulin 6549 readings

Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited Launches new High Horse Power Gensets for the Indian Market

Kirloskar Oil Engine Limited Launches new High Horse Power Gensets for the Indian Market

Conventional energy gen-sets | 22/12/2016 | By Moulin 5582 readings

Sterling Generators to Expand its Dealer Network in Tamil Nadu

Offering the complete range of Sterling DG sets from 10 kva up to 3000 kva

Conventional energy gen-sets | 19/10/2015 | By Moulin 7461 readings

Flexible Low-Load Gensets Are A Game Changer In Mining For Solar–Diesel Hybrid Solutions

The genset industry reacts to growing hybrid markets with a new approach, says Danvest/THEnergy study

Conventional energy gen-sets | 06/10/2015 | By Moulin 7597 readings

Rolls-Royce Supplies 8 Gensets to Power Largest Steel Factory in Bangladesh

To meet the load demand of different steel mill factories of Abul Khair group

Conventional energy gen-sets | 21/09/2015 | By Moulin 7702 readings

Sterling Generators Set to Power Small Cities in India through Dealer Expansion Plan

Has more than 60 dealers across India and plans to increase its dealer network to 120 by 2016

Conventional energy gen-sets | 17/08/2015 | By Moulin 7251 readings

Sterling Generators presents Environment Friendly DG sets with CPCB II Norms

Believes that breakthrough legislation will certainly help Indian engines to compete globally

Conventional energy gen-sets | 13/07/2015 | By Moulin 6675 readings

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