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Clean Electric Introduces 12-Minute Battery Charging Technology

Clean Electric has introduced rapid recharging battery technology that can fully charge electric vehicles in under 12 minutes.

June 19, 2024. By Aishwarya

Clean Electric has introduced rapid recharging battery technology that can fully charge electric vehicles in under 12 minutes.

Currently, the EV charging times range from 60 minutes to 120 minutes. 

The Kalaari Capital-backed firm’s proprietary battery technology uses universal CCS 2 DC charging standards, ensuring compatibility across all EV model form-factors, positioning it as a game-changer for the entire industry. 

Its co-founder Akash Gupta said that the company's fireproof batteries had been tested for 3700 rapid charge cycles with only 11 percent degradation in the overall range. The energy storage solution firm manufactures the batteries at its manufacturing facility in Pune, the plant is well equipped to produce up to 1200 battery packs per month.

Last year, the company raised USD 2.2 million (about Rs 18 crore) in a funding round led by Kalaari Capital. Climate Angels, LV Fund, 7Square Ventures, and CIIE Regional Innovation Foundation also participated in the seed funding round.

Clean Electric’s technology has been under development for 4 years and is backed by 4 granted patents both domestic and US. The company said its innovative battery architectures had several industry-first technologies, such as direct contact liquid cooling (DCLC) for E4W & large battery systems, self-contained adaptive active liquid cooling (SCALC) for E2W & E3W battery systems and DCLC with Integrated cell to pack (CTP) battery architecture, which will allow intrinsically safe batteries, mitigating thermal runaway risk, and enable RAPID Charging with higher packaging efficiency to boost EV range without added degradation.

“This is a revolutionary moment for all of us at Clean Electric, our proprietary 12-minute charging technology sets a new global standard that will drive the EV industry forward. Committed to sustainability, we strive to democratize RAPID Charging for EVs coupled with long battery life, reducing environmental impact and shaping the future of electric vehicles,” said Ankit Joshi, Chief Product Officer at Clean Electric.
“Clean Electric plans to introduce Gen 3 batteries next fiscal year, enabling affordable, high-energy-density batteries to take rapid charging to the masses,” he added.

The company is currently working with EV OEMs in electric car, E2W, E3W, e-LCV, and established startups to address major roadblocks to enable mass adoption.

Clean Electric recently held a live demonstration in Pune, showcasing a 2.2 kWh e-2W battery & 12.5 kWh E3W, charging from 0-80 percent State of Charge (SOC) in just 10 minutes at a constant of 5C charge rate using BIS-approved Type 6, Bharat DC-001 and globally accepted CCS 2 DC Public Charger, making it the world’s fastest- charging production electric vehicle.

"We need to add “Design in India” to the narrative of “Make in India” and make India a technology powerhouse, globally, for other countries to follow our footsteps in successful scalable models/ solutions,” added Gupta.
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