Chiho Environmental Group, EcoSmart Energy Complete Construction of Single Largest Solar Plant in Hong Kong

Chiho Environmental Group and EcoSmart Energy Management have recently formed a partnership and jointly completed the design and construction of a 1 MW solar power generation system in Chiho's Hong Kong factory.

June 30, 2021. By News Bureau

Chiho Environmental Group (Chiho) and EcoSmart Energy Management (EcoSmart) have recently formed a partnership and jointly completed the design and construction of a 1 MW solar power generation system in Chiho's Hong Kong factory. The system was approved by the Hong Kong CLP, officially launched in February 2021, and successfully completed in May 2021.

It is currently the single largest solar power system in Hong Kong. This system will be able to generate 1,013,375 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year (approximately equivalent to the total electricity consumption of 241 Hong Kong households), which is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by approximately 572,000 kilograms per year.
The solar power generation system, which is fully financed by EcoSmart and installed on the rooftop of the Chiho's Hong Kong factory, not only will contribute to sustainable development, but also general income from power generation for Chiho. It is believed that this will act as a model to allow other Hong Kong companies and organisations to understand the benefits of utilising the roof space for solar power systems and encourage them to work together to tackle global climate change.
Samson Lui, the General Manager of Chiho Eco Protection Limited, said: "Our company's visions are to actively contribute to the sustainable development and to build an environmentally friendly world. With an efficient and diverse team, we are committed to becoming a global circular economy solution partner by providing quality products and services. We are very rigorous in choosing the contractor for this project."

Chiho has always been a practitioner of green development and is ware of the benefits of photovoltaic power generation on green development. The Group's factory in Taizhou, China has built photovoltaic power generation facilities of approximately 126,700 square meters with a capacity of 10.56MW, which not only plays a vital role in energy saving and emission reduction, but also brings economic and environmental benefits. The installation and construction of the solar power generation system in the Group's Hong Kong factory further embodies the corporate mission of Chiho to promote energy conservation, environmental protection, and low-carbon development.

Chiho has officially become a partner with EcoSmart Energy to design and build a solar power system in the Yuen Long Industrial Estate. After the approval of the CLP and the completion of all relevant application processes, the project was officially launched in February 2021, and the construction was successfully completed in May. It is currently the single largest solar power system (1 MW) in Hong Kong.

The solar power system designed by EcoSmart Energy for Chiho Eco Protection Limited has adopted Korean LG solar panels, which is one of the highest performing panels officially distributed by EcoSmart in Hong Kong. In addition to its resistance to strong winds and ability to slow down performance deterioration, its light coating helps reduce the energy lost at high temperatures. Integrating the Enerwise real-time monitoring system with the most advanced IoT technology, the system is connected to Hong Kong's first EcoSmart solar real-time monitoring centre to continuously measure solar irradiance to estimate the performance of the photovoltaic system.

It also generates big data for analysis purposes, to ensure the power generation efficiency and the year-round operation of the system. There are a total of 2,437 solar panels in the system, and the rated power is (1 MW). The annual output of electricity is 1,013,375 kWh (equivalent to the electricity consumption of 241 Hong Kong households). It is estimated that approximately 572,000 kilograms of carbon emission (equivalent to planting 26,217 trees) can be effectively reduced per year.

"Being the most committed contractor in Hong Kong in promoting green energy, our team wishes to shoulder the social responsibility and actively promote cooperation between the business sector and environmental protection groups," said Stephen Ma, CEO of EcoSmart. "Part of the 'feed-in tariff' proceeds will be donated to the 'World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong - WWF' to promote the development of renewable energy in Hong Kong. Such cooperation with Chiho Eco Protection Limited allows us to make a contribution to sustainable development. We can also utilise the income from 'feed-in tariff' as tariff subsidies, for more companies and institutions in Hong Kong to understand the benefits of installing solar power systems on idle rooftops, and cope with climate change."

"First of all, I would like to extend my gratitude to EcoSmart Energy for engaging us as a partner to provide practical solutions to the climate crisis, and work together to control global warming within the limit of 1.5°C," said Karen Ho, Head of Corporate Sustainability, WWF Hong Kong Branch (WWF). "However, only less than 1% of the current electricity in Hong Kong is generated by renewable energy, which is far from the goal of carbon neutrality. We look forward to the support and participation of the public, government, and business sector to promote renewable energy, to increase the proportion of renewable energy generation to 10% by 2030. We also hope to see more large-scale solar power projects to be completed in Hong Kong, with an aim to promote Hong Kong as the most sustainable city across Asia.

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