Call for R&D proposals to push forward the Indian solar manufacturing

MNRE awaits project proposals before 30th of june.

March 15, 2013. By Gisela Bühl


MNRE solicits R&D project proposals from research entities, in public as well as private sector, preferably in consortiums of industrial partner and academic/ research institutions in identified areas in the field of solar energy. The project proposals need to mention clearly (i) specific objectives with identifiable deliverables, (ii) roles of each and every participating institution, (iii) work modules and timelines and (iv) financial contribution of the participating institutions wherever applicable. The projects are expected to lead to the technologies/ applications ready for commercialization by the participating industry.


The following are the identified thrust areas for this call:


1. Development of large area anti-dust, self-cleaning coatings for glass surfaces.
2. Development of high quality back sheets and EVA materials for indigenous
manufacturing of PV modules.
3. Improvement of commercial efficiencies of silicon solar cells greater than 20%.
4. Development of high quality and low cost deep discharge batteries for solar PV
applications (specific applications need to be identified by the proposers).
5. Development of CZTS solar cells with efficiency target of 15% on one cm. square
6. Development of advanced selective coatings for applications on high temperature
solar receivers for power generation and process heat systems.
7. Development of advanced receiver systems for parabolic trough, CLFR, solar-dish
and central receiver power technologies.
8. Development of storage systems for medium and high temperature applications
which have low cost, long service life and low parasitic power requirements.
9. Alternative design configurations of concentrating collector systems with high
efficiency and low cost.
10. Development of Solar Cells with peak efficiencies at 30°C – 40°C ambient
11. Development of Smart Control Systems for roof top PV applications with metering for
use in domestic sector.
12. Development of Solar based water purification system for domestic use.


Ten hard copies of the project proposals along with soft copy may be submitted to the following address before 30 June, 2013:

Mr. I.P. Singh, Director (Solar R&D)
Ministry of New & Renewable Energy
Block-14, CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi – 110 003
E-mail: /

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