Bunt Solar inaugurates the ‘Bunt Solar Museum’

Bunt Solar India Pvt. Ltd., the Bangalore-based solar company has unveiled ‘Bunt Solar Museum’. The museum will also serve as solar study & research center and showcase the entire solar product range that the company offers. As a product development company, for Bunt Solar the Solar Museum initiative has become imperative as new technology products needs to be not only showcased but also the features detailed in a layman language to educate masses about its utility, appropriate usage, viability and  maintenance issues amongst others. The Bunt Solar Museum is located in Nagarbhavi. 

Commenting on the Solar Museum initiative Mr. Chandrashekar Shetty, Managing Director, Bunt Solar India, said, “Solar products have immense potential to make life convenient without the fear of frequent power outages and at the same time ease the burden of escalating grid power cost on the masses. But the irony is lack of knowledge and initial high acquisition cost is proving to be a challenge in making solar products a preferred choice of customers”.

Against this background, ‘Bunt Solar Museum’ besides showcasing products will guide potential solar customers through every step in taking an informed decision while acquiring solar product/s. Also the staffs at the museum have been trained to offer pre-investment consultation, provide help in choosing appropriate solar products, present attractive financing alternatives, etc.

Further, he said, there is challenge in getting qualified technicians to service solar products and the Solar Museum will be a one stop center for training technicians and also update them on the features of new products. Also he pointed out the need of the hour is to create awareness about renewable energy and more so on solar amongst the children and we plan to work jointly with schools to make this a reality with Bunt Solar Museum serving as the education hub. 

Power R&D | News published on 26/05/2014 by Moulin

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