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BSES Rajdhani Announces Partnership with Energy Software Company Sheru

India’s decarbonisation efforts need innovative solutions. The partnership will help both the mobility and energy sectors go green.

May 24, 2023. By Anurima Mondal

BSES Rajdhani Power Ltd. (BRPL) has announced a partnership with energy software company Sheru to develop the country’s first vehicle-to-grid station. India’s decarbonisation efforts need innovative solutions, and ones such as this that help both the mobility and energy sectors go green are essential. The partnership would also help in easing pressure on power demand and in strengthening the power grid.

Sheru’s proprietary bidirectional battery-swapping station would provide swappable batteries for electric 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, and rickshaws and help power their mobility. The same station would also support BRPL’s power requirement during periods of peak power need. The collaboration leverages the strengths of the parties and provides benefits to all sides.

“Sheru supplies cutting-edge solutions for the power sector. In the relationship with BSES, we are helping secure round-the-clock power from renewable energy sources. Standalone battery storage involves large CAPEX. Sheru’s novel solution is to use the idle battery space of EVs. This solves the CAPEX problem for BSES while providing income to EV and battery owners. Given the rate of growth of renewables in the country, our solution has received a warm welcome from power distribution companies. We are excited about the potential of this partnership with BRPL,” said Shikhar Sharma, COO of Sheru.

"Utilizing the battery capacity of swapping stations as a distributed energy resource installed across the distribution area to support the grid during peak times and maximize charging of batteries through the integration of renewable energy or during off peak power periods will build a sustainable model for EV charging. We are happy to collaborate with Sheru and hope to extract valuable insights in supporting our grid ancillary functions,” added a BRPL representative.
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