BrightNight Enters Footprints in Australia’s Energy Market

BrightNight announced its formal entry into the Australian energy market with the addition of industry leader Polly Baranco.

February 23, 2022. By News Bureau

BrightNight announced its formal entry into the Australian energy market with the addition of industry leader Polly Baranco.

BrightNight, a global Independent Power Producer (IPP), is well-established in the U.S. and has rapidly expanding teams across Asia including India, Bangladesh, and the Philippines.

As Head of Country, Ms. Baranco will draw on her proven track record of renewable project development, finance, and acquisition to bring BrightNight's optimized dispatchable renewable power systems to the Australian power market. BrightNight customers benefit from the company's purpose-built team of industry leaders and its growing board of advisors.

Further signaling its serious commitment to the Asia Pacific region, BrightNight welcomed John Walker AM to its advisory board earlier this year. Mr. Walker AM is well-known for his success driving infrastructure investment across Asia; developed during his 22 years at Macquarie Group and current role as Chairman of Eastpoint Partners Limited where he provides critical finance and development guidance to industries investing across the Asia Pacific region.

BrightNight Founder and CEO Martin Hermann described the company's expansion as, "exciting but critical to the success of our customers who are working hard to meet electricity demands and navigate a transforming energy market. We're eager to be the reliable partner our customers need as they look for value beyond the limitations of a standard, intermittent, renewable energy project."

Under the Paris Agreement, Australia is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions to 26-28 percent below 2005 levels by 2030. As such, the Australian energy market is mobilizing renewable power investments through its calls for 24x7 power products and BrightNight is well-positioned to address those needs.

BrightNight specializes in hybrid renewable power systems with dispatchable capacity that can meet rapidly changing grid dynamics and increase grid resiliency, while remaining economically competitive with traditional forms of energy generation.

Hermann added, "Polly is an exciting addition to our team and I'm confident she represents BrightNight's customer-centric approach, our commitment to safety, and our thoughtful work to become a valuable local partner."

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