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Bounce Infinity Rolls Out Portable Liquid-Cooled Battery for E-Scooters with Clean Electric

Bounce Infinity has claimed to have introduced India’s first portable liquid-cooled battery technology in collaboration with Clean Electric.

April 11, 2024. By Aishwarya

Bounce Infinity has claimed to have introduced India’s first portable liquid-cooled battery technology in collaboration with Clean Electric.

This milestone it says represents a significant leap forward in electric vehicle (EV) performance, promising an extended range, rapid charging capabilities, and an enhanced battery lifespan. The e-scooter is available for purchase across the country at an ex-showroom price starting at INR 99,210.

The new liquid-cooled battery is incorporated into the Bounce Infinity E1 model, which it says now facilitates a real-world range of over 100 kilometres. Additionally, the system allows for fast charging, up to 80 percent in under 50 minutes, eliminating the concerns of going to specific fixed charging points that support fast charging. Bounce will be the first EV two-wheeler OEM to launch a liquid-cooled portable battery that enables fast charging using a portable charger.

Vivekananda Hallekere, CEO & Co-Founder, of Bounce Infinity said, “This launch marks a pivotal moment for Bounce Infinity and the Indian EV landscape. At Bounce Infinity, it is our constant endeavour to break down barriers to EV adoption and improve charging infrastructure. Our liquid-cooled batteries are portable and can be conveniently charged at any standard 5 Amp socket and fast charged at 15 Amp socket found in every household, just like the ones used for appliances such as refrigerators and heaters. This, combined with fast charging, affordability, and sustainability, empowers individuals to embrace EVs and experience the freedom of electric mobility.”

Akash Gupta, CEO & Co-Founder, Clean Electric stated, “We are excited about the collaboration with Bounce Infinity to launch the world's first active liquid-cooled electric scooter with the convenience of a portable battery to set the global benchmark for the safe electric scooter. At Clean Electric, we are pushing the boundaries of innovation in battery technology to enable long-range, rapid charging EVs with unmatched battery safety to power the EV revolution by developing battery technology ground up specifically designed for the harsh operating conditions in India.”

The new liquid-cooled battery offers a substantial increase in energy capacity, boasting 2.5 kWh, and delivers an impressive real-world range of 112-120 km on a single charge, increased from the earlier 1.9 kWh offering 85 km range. Despite the advanced technology, the batteries maintain a competitive weight of approximately 14.5 kg. The introduction of this technology ensures that users can enjoy longer rides without the worry of frequent charging. This technology caters to the critical need for more efficient thermal management in EVs.

Unlike air-cooled batteries that rely on ambient air for cooling, liquid-cooled batteries employ a fire-retardant liquid which efficiently absorbs heat from the battery and transfers it to external metal components. Subsequently, these components can rapidly cool down through exposure to ambient air. The efficient heat management system of the liquid-cooled battery significantly reduces the risk of overheating, a common issue in high-performance electric vehicles. This approach not only facilitates fast charging but also significantly enhances safety by preventing the battery from overheating and creating of hot-spot inside the battery.

In terms of safety, the Battery Pack is claimed to be equipped with 5-layers of stack – Cell Level Fusing, Pack Level Main Fuse, direct contact active liquid cooling, software safety protections, and master-slave BMS architecture for N+N redundancy similar to the aviation industry to set the global benchmark for the safest electric scooter globally.  

In addition, they claim Clean Electric’s innovative cooling approach enables 2-3-degree temperature homogeneity across 140 cells present inside the battery pack enabling 30-50 percent higher life than conventional air-cooled battery, i.e. Bounce Scooters will still have an 85-90 km range even after 5 years.

The battery components are also recyclable, aligning with global environmental standards. Despite the advanced technology, the cost of the battery remains affordable, ensuring that the benefits of liquid cooling are accessible to a broad audience.

Both companies are also working on the Long Range e1++ to double the range with a secondary battery under the footboard, also providing compatibility with universal Type 6 Public DC charging standards for Light Electric Vehicle this year.
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