Bounce Infinity Becomes First Battery Swapping Infrastructure Player In India

Bounce, registered more than 10 lakh battery swaps on its energy infrastructure network, - Bounce Infinity.

February 03, 2022. By News Bureau

Bounce, registered more than 10 lakh battery swaps on its energy infrastructure network, - Bounce Infinity.

With this landmark, Bounce becomes the first Indian energy infrastructure company to achieve such a remarkable accomplishment in the country. This is a testament to the company’s technological prowess and commitment to make mobility affordable and accessible to all.
The Infinity swapping stations work on similar principles to a fuel station. Here, Infinity battery swapping stations will have charged and ready-to-go batteries that customers can easily swap with their near-empty batteries in under a few minutes.

With this infrastructure in place, customers wouldn’t have to wait for the scooter to charge, be anxious about the range or remember to charge it.
Bounce is amplifying its battery swapping network in line to its recently launched consumer electric scooter, the Bounce Infinity E1. The scooter which was unveiled in December, comes with ‘Battery as a service’ option – the first-of-its-kind in the Indian market.  This pushes the running costs of the scooter down substantially, by as much as 40% compared to conventional scooters.

The Bounce Infinity E1 will also be offered with the battery, which can be removed from the scooter and charged by customers at their home or office or wherever convenient.
Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Vivekananda Hallakere, Co-Founder & CEO, Bounce, said, “We are glad to announce that our battery swapping network has achieved over Ten Lakh swaps and the Hon’ble Finance Minister’s announcement ties in with our vision that clean, affordable mobility is a fundamental right. This is a vindication of the path that we have pioneered for Bounce Infinity. Government and policymakers have recognised battery swapping and battery-as-a-service (BaaS) as the most effective solution to accelerate EV adoption in India by addressing range anxiety. Bounce Infinity has pioneered and revolutionized the battery swapping scenario and efficiently created India’s largest swappable battery infrastructure”. Our distributed network approach has diverse advantages for consumers, ranging from cost-effective viability to proximity of accessing fully charged batteries every time. Pragmatic aspects of setting up charging infrastructure, for instance, in space-constrained urban areas, can enable affordable and clean mobility at scale.”
Bounce has recently partnered with brands such as Nobroker, Park+, Readyassist, Kitchens@, HelloWorld, Goodbox etc to set up infrastructure to support ten lakh+ scooters in the next 12-24 months.

This smart framework will be available at locations as diverse as residential complexes, petrol bunks, restaurants, cafes, co-living spaces, corporate offices, kirana stores, etc.; making it extremely convenient for consumers to access the nearest swapping station.

Bounce is also leveraging its battery swapping expertise to other OEM players to support interoperability for faster adoption of EV mobility.
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