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Aptera to Introduce Solar Power Cars in UAE

Aptera Motors has decided to expand into the United Arab Emirates market with a special edition of its three-wheeled solar power car.

April 24, 2024. By Aishwarya

Aptera Motors has decided to expand into the United Arab Emirates market with a special edition of its three-wheeled solar power car.

Named the Aptera UAE Union Anniversary Edition, the solar power car features a custom gold exterior colorway accenting the black hues of the other coatings, a carbon fiber body structure, a series of butterfly doors, a keyless entry, custom interior fittings, and commemorative union markings. 

Another feature dedicated to the Aptera UAE Union Anniversary Edition that suits the weather conditions in the country comes through Solar Chill, a technology that uses solar power to keep the car’s cabin cool all the time regardless of outdoor temperatures.

The car manufacturer is expected to use Aptera’s solar cells, which can help boost the cooling effects, keeping the cabin from being hot. The Aptera Union Edition also boasts over 600 km of range and the ability to solar charge over 60 kilometers per day, and it also has 0.9 cubic meters of rear storage space.

Aptera Motors says that its 53 Union Edition vehicles are planned to be delivered directly to the United Arab Emirates in 2026. There are only 53 units to be produced as part of the celebration of the country’s formation on December 2, 1971. Each vehicle then represents a year of unity among the seven emirates, and the three-wheeled solar power car becomes a medium of homage to the UAE’s history. Before the announcement of entering the UAE market, Aptera Motors showcased its first production body en route to its headquarters in Carlsbad, California. 

The unveiling of the first production body of the vehicle underlined a step forward for the manufacturing team, with the engineers preparing to finalize critical details for the three-wheeled solar power car. This production body is set to appear at DriftX in Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, between April 25-26, 2024, where visitors can keep track of Aptera’s new updates on its car production, including the UAE edition. Aptera Motors is inviting interested clients to reserve one of the 53 Union Edition Aptera vehicles for 27,000 USD per model. 
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