ABB’s Integrated Digital Solution to Support Brazil’s Power Grid Expansion

World’s first integrated system for the power industry provided to Argo Energia will enable predictive maintenance, boost asset utilization, optimize costs and reduce system outages

August 26, 2019. By News Bureau


ABB has announced that it will provide Brazil’s electric power transmission company, Argo Energia to improve the efficiency and stability of their new power transmission network in Brazil. Globally, this is the first such integrated system to be deployed in a power transmission network

ABB’s Ability™ Ellipse® solution for connected asset lifecycle management ensures security and reliability of key critical transmission and distribution equipment such as electrical substations, and transformers across 1,150 kilometer of power lines. Furthermore, ABB will deliver software solutions such as the MicroSCADA Pro Historian and SDM600 for two control centers, situated in the state of Piauí in the Northeastern region of the country and at Argo Energia’s São Paulo headquarters, allowing the company to continually monitor and analyze the network’s performance.

“We are committed to advancing the development of Brazil‘s electricity sector and making a positive economic, social and environmental impact in the region, and for that, ABB is a valued partner to us in Brazil,” said Marcelo Souza, CEO of Argo Energia. “Our vision is to become a widely recognized company within the sector, ensuring ethical behavior, efficiency and sustainability of our business.”

ABB will provide different ABB Ability™ solutions to Argo Energia, including for supervision, control, asset management and cybersecurity purposes. The solutions will unify the functionality of ABB’s offerings for enterprise asset management, workforce management and asset performance management. Further, they will provide Argo Energia with actionable insights to enable predictive maintenance that will boost asset utilization, drive down maintenance costs and reduce equipment failures and system outages.

“There are significant improvements in safety, process reliability, transmission quality and power availability which, in addition to assisting the utility, directly benefits the final consumer,” said Massimo Danieli, head of ABB’s Grid Automation business line within the company’s Power Grids business. “The selection of ABB’s integrated digital solution positions us as partner of choice in enabling a stronger, smarter and greener grid.”

Argo Energia’s first project, Argo 1, will span Maranhão, Piauí and Ceará, and allow the transmission of a more significant amount of electricity to almost 20 million people. The new line will connect the new wind power generation projects in these states, improving the quality and reliability of the entire Brazilian electrical system. The next evolution for Argo is also likely to include leveraging the latest ABB Ability™ Digital Enterprise that enables unified communication through a single pane of glass to make mission-critical decisions.

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