Aalborg CSPs boiler technologyto help solar project achieve 24/7 power generation in China.

Aalborg CSP A/S in collaboration with Jiangsu Livo New Energy Technology Co., Ltd have been awarded a contract to supply the steam generation system for the 50MW ShenzenJinfanconcentrated solar power (CSP) plant which is among the first 20 demonstration plants that China intends to build by the end of 2018. The facility is a flagship project with its exceptionally long 15-hours energy storage capability and a good example of howEuropean design combined withlocal manufacturing can secure on-demand and cost-competitive renewable power generation in China.

The 50MW ShenzenJinfan CSP project is part of China’s five-year planaiming to change the landscape of large-scale electricity production.In the first batch, China awarded 20 demonstration plants to produce 1GW power at RMB1.15/kWh feed-in-tariffs (FiT) if completed before the end of 2018. To reach low price levels, solar projects with large energy storage capabilities have been announced,among which the 50MW ShenzenJinfan CSP plant proves to be one of the most efficient ones due to its exceptionally long, 15-hours energy storage capability. This enables the facility to supply power for 24-hours straight in Aksay County.

Aalborg CSP together with its local manufacturing partner, Livo New Energy Technology have been selected to supply the boiler equipment capable of securing uninterrupted conversion of solar heat to superheated steam at 136 bara and 538°C. The SGS4 steam generation system intended for the ShenzenJinfan projectwas specifically designed to meet emerging market expectations for cost-efficient and reliable electricityproduction when using molten salt- an essential criteria developing markets, such as China, demands to meet low price levels.

“Molten salt is an efficient heat transfer media but it is alsoknown to place high demands on component reliability and project costs. With our local strategic partner, we are able to deliver a proven European technologythatcan alsocompete with local prices, thereby fostering technology deployment in China. We are pleased to share ourtechnology know-how and extensive project experience with the Chinese CSP market and look forward to helping more solar plantsachievetheirenergy production targets” – says Jens Taggart Pelle, Vice President of Technical Sales, CSP Power Plant division of Aalborg CSP.

With the SGS4 steam generator technology, the ShenzenJinfan CSP plant will benefit from award-winning operational features, such as natural circulation, leakage-free design, and fast-start-up time. These operational benefits translate into significant savings in terms of component CAPEX and OPEX as the plant will be able to produce more energy compared to an ordinary heat exchanger and reduce the need for certain auxiliary components, such as circulation pumps and different drain valves.

Besidesthe steam producing equipment, Aalborg CSP’s scope of supply also includes instruments, valves, heat tracing for the pressure vessels and all interconnecting piping. Production has already commenced in China and delivery of components is expected to be completednext summer so the facility cansupply renewable power to the grid before the end of 2018. 


Concentrated Solar | News published on 07/11/2017 by Moulin

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